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Add testcase for PR43351.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / ChangeLog.graphite
2010-05-23 spopAdd testcase for PR43351.
2010-05-23 spopFix PR43354: Correctly handle default definitions.
2010-05-23 spopAdd testcase from PR43349.
2010-05-23 spopUse ssizetype when long_long_integer_type_node is NULL.
2010-05-23 spopFix documentation of the new parameters.
2010-05-23 spopCleanup: remove FIXMEs, add new function.
2010-05-23 spopDocument PARAM_LOOP_BLOCK_TILE_SIZE.
2010-05-23 spopFix PR43306: correct evolution_function_right_is_intege...
2010-05-23 spopMake build_poly_scop not return a bool.
2010-05-23 spopLimit the number of parameters per SCoP.
2010-05-06 spopReplace Value with mpz_t
2010-05-06 spopResolve CLooG's value_* macros to their respective...
2010-04-06 spopFix 473.astar miscompile.
2010-04-06 spopUse POINTER_PLUS_EXPR for pointer types.
2010-04-06 spopCompute min and max bounds for IVs and infer types.
2010-04-06 spopAdd extra checks for places assuming one argument loop...
2010-03-31 spopFix PR43464: copyprop should maintain loop close phi...
2010-03-31 spopAdd a verbosity parameter to clean up the comments...
2010-03-31 spopPrint SCoPs under CLooG format.
2010-03-31 spopAdd testcases for PR43464.
2010-03-31 spopcanonicalize_loop_ivs should add the IV bump in loop...
2010-03-31 spopAdd pass_copy_prop after Graphite.
2010-03-31 spopMake print_scop output the scoplib format.
2010-03-31 spopAdd testcase for PR43351.
2010-03-13 spopFix PR43354: Correctly handle default definitions.
2010-03-13 spopAdd testcase from PR43349.
2010-03-13 spopUse ssizetype when long_long_integer_type_node is NULL.
2010-03-13 spopFix documentation of the new parameters.
2010-03-13 spopCleanup: remove FIXMEs, add new function.
2010-03-13 spopDocument PARAM_LOOP_BLOCK_TILE_SIZE.
2010-03-13 spopFix PR43306: correct evolution_function_right_is_intege...
2010-03-13 spopMake build_poly_scop not return a bool.
2010-03-13 spopLimit the number of parameters per SCoP.
2010-03-08 spopUse {lower,upper}_bound_in_type.
2010-03-08 spopUse sizetype instead of unsigned_type_node.
2010-03-08 spopFix PR43065: Insert bounds on pointer type parameters.
2010-03-08 spopAdd testcase from PR43065.
2010-03-08 spopAdd forgotten ChangeLog entries.
2010-03-08 spopDo not short-cut code generation with gloog_error.
2010-03-08 spopFold convert SSA_NAMEs in the scalar expander.
2010-03-08 spopCleanup.
2010-03-08 spopCleanup data dep polyhedron construction.
2010-03-08 spopNew function combine_context_id_scat.
2010-03-08 spopFix PR42326: handle default definitions.
2010-03-08 spopCleanup.
2010-03-08 spopAdd constraints on the type of parameters to the scop...
2010-02-23 spopAdd missing changelog entry.
2010-02-23 spopFix PR43083: Do not handle regions ending with multiple...
2010-02-23 spopFix PR number in the changelog entry.
2010-02-23 spopFix PR43097: rename only SSA_NAMEs.
2010-02-23 spopFix PR43140: Add -Wno-conversion-null to pr41305.C.
2010-02-23 spopFix PR43026: handle COMPONENT_REFs in expand scalar...
2010-02-11 spopAdd testcase for PR43012.
2010-02-11 spopAdd testcase for PR42930.
2010-02-11 spopFix email address in ChangeLog.graphite.
2010-02-11 spopFix PR42930.
2010-02-11 spopFix PR42914 and PR42530.
2010-02-11 spopFix PR42771.
2010-02-07 spopCall abort for runtime test, always return 0 from main.
2010-02-07 spopAdd new testcases.
2010-02-07 spopFix PR42988: handle unknown_dependence.
2010-02-07 spopFix format in ChangeLog.graphite
2010-02-06 spopFix PR42637.
2010-02-06 spopDo not FAIL in miscompiled runtime tests.
2010-02-06 spopFix testsuite.
2010-02-06 spopCorrect the lexicographical function, add debug_pddr.
2010-02-06 spopAdd runtime tests for interchange and blocking.
2010-02-06 spopMake calls to dot run in background.
2010-02-06 spopAdd more testcases.
2010-02-06 spopClarify comments and use build_pddr.
2010-02-06 spopFix build_pddr.
2010-02-06 spopAdd missing function comments.
2010-02-06 spopFactor uses of build_pairwise_scheduling.
2010-02-06 spopCleanup build relation.
2010-01-14 spopFix PR42681.
2010-01-14 spopFix PR42732.
2010-01-10 spopFix PR42393.
2010-01-08 spopRemove COMPONENT_REF limitation in SCoP detection.
2010-01-08 spopFix PR42221.
2010-01-08 spopFix PR42521.
2010-01-08 spopMemoize memory strides per loop.
2010-01-08 spopCompute memory strides on a whole loop.
2010-01-08 spopRevert: Remove context_loop and level from translate_cl...
2010-01-07 spopUpdate loop-block testcases.
2010-01-07 spopFix memory leaks.
2010-01-07 spopFix PR42178.
2009-12-23 spopFix PR42180.
2009-12-23 spopFix PR42180.
2009-12-23 spopFix PR42393.
2009-12-23 spopFix PR42186.
2009-12-23 spopFix PR42205.
2009-12-23 spopFix PR42334: correct the update of the LST on loop...
2009-12-23 spopFix PR42181.
2009-12-14 spopFix PR42284.
2009-12-09 spopFix PR42285.
2009-11-30 grosserCorrect testcase
2009-11-30 grosserFix comments.
2009-11-30 grosserProtect loops that might be executed zero times.