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* MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval list.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / MAINTAINERS
2000-08-30 obrien * MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval...
2000-08-23 aoliva* MAINTAINERS: Add self as a build machinery (*.in...
2000-08-23 dj* MAINTAINERS: Add self as a build machinery (*.in...
2000-08-21 dj* MAINTAINERS: Add self as a libiberty maintainer
2000-08-07 dj* MAINTAINERS: Add self as a DJGPP maintainer
2000-08-04 jsm28 * MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval list.
2000-07-27 lawAdd Geoff K to the folks with global write permissions.
2000-07-24 echristo*** empty log message ***
2000-07-23 jleAdded myself as i860 port maintainer.
2000-07-22 oldham * MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval list.
2000-07-21 cgfUpdate Windows maintainers.
2000-07-17 gdrAdd myself as diagnostics reporting module maintainer.
2000-06-29 m.hayes * MAINTAINERS: Add myself as loop discovery maintainer.
2000-06-28 lawAdd Alexandre as co-maintainer for mn10300 port.
2000-06-11 toonSun Jun 11 17:20:00 MET 2000 Toon Moene <toon@moene...
2000-05-30 pthomas * MAINTAINERS: Add self as i18n maintainer
2000-05-15 cagneyAdd self as write after approval.
2000-05-07 jleSat May 6 21:12:55 CDT 2000 Jason Eckhardt <jle...
2000-04-13 ajAdded myself as requested by Jeff Law.
2000-04-06 phdm * MAINTAINERS: Added myself.
2000-03-27 korbbLinuxbox has changed names...
2000-03-16 geoffkAdd self as rs6000 maintainer.
2000-03-12 toon * MAINTAINERS: Added myself for write-after-approval.
2000-03-12 wilson * MAINTAINERS: Add self as ia64 port maintainer.
2000-03-08 neilAdded myself to MAINTAINERS file.
2000-02-28 jleObvious, micro-change: "Vladimir Markarov" -> "Vladimir...
2000-02-17 lawAdd Denis as maintainer for avr port.
2000-02-14 nickcAdd maintainers for MCore port.
2000-02-11 scottbFix tabbing.
2000-02-11 scottbAdd myself to MAINTAINERS file.
2000-02-10 korbbIan Taylor's new address
2000-01-31 ghazi * MAINTAINERS: Pair cccp with cpplib maintainership.
2000-01-12 zack * Add self as cpplib maintainer, as requested by Jason
1999-12-23 hpAdd myself to "write after approval" list
1999-12-18 sirl * MAINTAINERS: Add myself to the write-after-approval...
1999-12-14 davemList Jakub as Sparc co-maintainer.
1999-12-14 jakubAdd myself into "write after approval"
1999-12-14 khanAdd myself to "write after approval" list.
1999-11-29 korbbUpdate e-address
1999-11-19 dnovillo* MAINTAINERS: Add new 'write after approval' maintainer.
1999-11-19 olivaChanged my e-mail address to oliva@lsd.ic.unicamp.br
1999-11-18 apbiancoWed Nov 17 16:08:43 1999 Alexandre Petit-Bianco ...
1999-11-17 geraldChange mail address of Per Bothner to per@bothner.com.
1999-11-17 hubickaAdd myself into "write after approval"
1999-11-12 mrsDate: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 22:07:16 -0700
1999-11-12 mrsSort write-after people to match sorted order of the...
1999-11-11 mmitchelAdd myself as a C++ maintainer again
1999-11-10 cpopetzAdded myself as "write after approval"
1999-10-27 jleAdd myself to list with write after approval access.
1999-10-14 rearnshaAdd myself to list with general write privs.
1999-10-13 jasonI get blanket write
1999-10-12 gkmAdd myself
1999-09-21 nickcAdd FR30 target.
1999-09-21 samuelAdd myself to the list.
1999-09-06 lawAdd Mark to list of folks with blanket write privs.
1999-09-03 kennerFix typo in my email address
1999-09-03 kennerAdd myself to Blanket Write Privs and as arc port maint...
1999-08-16 gavinmake me the mips maintainer, fix my name
1999-08-05 amylaarFix typo.
1999-07-26 zackUpdate my email address
1999-07-26 geoffkAdd myself to list, check write access
1999-07-05 manfredegcs/MAINTAINERS:
1999-06-17 dlindsay
1999-06-01 gdrAdded my name to the list, test for write access.
1999-05-15 lawAdd Stu
1999-05-10 lawAdd some missing folks.
1999-05-07 robertlUpdate robertl's email address.
1999-05-06 lawFix tege's address.
1999-05-04 lawAdd Ben as maintainer for the config.guess & config...
1999-04-26 lawUpdate a few addresses.
1999-04-23 nathanAdd Nathan Sidwell (write after approval)
1999-04-08 manfred
1999-04-03 mmitchelPer Jason's instructions, add myself (Mark Mitchell...
1999-03-31 lawUpdate tege's address.
1999-03-25 wehleAdded John Wehle.
1999-03-21 mmitchelGive my new email address.
1999-02-03 burleyChange my email address
1999-01-17 zackAdded myself, as instructed
1998-12-19 cruxAdded myself to "Write after approval" section in MAINT...
1998-11-30 lawGavin now owns the C front-end and ISO C9X issues.
1998-10-11 m.hayesAdd Michael Hayes as c4x maintainer
1998-10-08 ovidiuAdd Ovidiu Predescu for objective-c maint.
1998-10-01 robertlAdd robertl as maintainer of sco udk target.
1998-09-22 geraldAdd myself as web pages maintainer; remove myself from...
1998-09-18 lawMinor tweak.
1998-08-29 lawAdd Dave Brolley for chill and cpplib maint.
1998-08-03 geraldAdd myself, as per Jeff Law's request.
1998-07-14 davemAdd myself as jump.c maintainer.
1998-07-11 loewisAdd myself, as per Jeff Law's request.
1998-06-24 lawAdd Catherine and Vladimir.
1998-06-23 olivaadded myself, per Jeff Law's request
1998-06-23 lawAdd Craig Burley, John Carr and David Miller to the...
1998-05-20 lawVarious minor updates.
1998-03-18 korbbCorrected spelling of my name
1998-03-11 lawAdd Bruce Korbb as maintainer of "new fixincludes stuff".
1998-03-05 ghaziRemove asterisk from ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu
1998-02-17 lawVarious minor tweaks.
1998-02-11 lawMore updates...
1998-02-11 lawAdd more folks.
1998-02-09 lawAdd Tege & Kate as maintainers of c-torture and f-tortu...