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Jim is no longer at Wind River, he probably won't be contributing to mcore much
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / MAINTAINERS
2001-07-11 mrsJim is no longer at Wind River, he probably won't be...
2001-07-06 lawUpdate Craig's status.
2001-06-15 hpennerAdd myself as s390 backend maintainer.
2001-06-13 lawAdd various folks.
2001-06-11 dberlin2001-06-11 Daniel Berlin <dan@cgsoftware.com>
2001-06-01 ro * MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.
2001-06-01 amodraUpdate my email address.
2001-05-31 grahams * MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.
2001-05-19 kraai* MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.
2001-05-16 jknaggs2001-05-16 Jeff Knaggs <jknaggs@redhat.com>
2001-04-25 gavinremove self as maintainer
2001-04-12 shebs * MAINTAINERS: Add self as Darwin port maintainer.
2001-04-11 amodraupdate my mail address
2001-04-06 jsm28 * MAINTAINERS: Add self and RTH as C front end maintai...
2001-03-29 hiller2001-03-28 Matthew Hiller <hiller@redhat.com>
2001-03-22 gerald * MAINTAINERS: Add myself as "documentation co-maintai...
2001-03-21 ljrittle * MAINTAINERS: Add myself to write after approval...
2001-03-18 amodraAdd alan@linuxcare.com.au
2001-03-17 zackUpdate my email address
2001-03-11 ovidiuAdded Stan Shebs as new maintainer for Objective-C.
2001-03-08 pme2001-03-08 Phil Edwards <pme@sources.redhat.com>
2001-02-20 lauras * MAINTAINERS: add myself to Write After Approval...
2001-02-13 schwab * MAINTAINERS: Update mail address.
2001-01-21 msokolov2001-01-20 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan...
2001-01-15 danglin * MAINTAINERS: Add myself as vax port maintainer.
2001-01-15 fjh * MAINTAINERS: Add myself as Mercury front-end maintainer.
2000-12-30 marekm * MAINTAINERS: Add myself as avr port co-maintainer.
2000-12-28 alehotsky * expmed.c (store_bit_field): Correctly compute smalle...
2000-12-27 bje * MAINTAINERS: Add myself under ``Write After Approval''.
2000-12-18 aoliva* MAINTAINERS: Added self as sh port co-maintainer...
2000-12-14 tromey * MAINTAINERS: Removed brads.
2000-12-14 tromey * MAINTAINERS: Added gcj developers.
2000-12-10 neil * MAINTAINERS: Update address, remove self from WAA...
2000-11-22 lerdsuwa * MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval list.
2000-11-21 berndsUpdate my entries in the MAINTAINERS file.
2000-11-18 shebs * MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval...
2000-11-13 jsm28 * MAINTAINERS: Remove references to cccp. Change C9X...
2000-11-11 pbAdd self to MAINTAINERS file.
2000-11-07 pmeAdd self upon request as libstdc++-v3 maintainer.
2000-11-01 nickcRename cygnus.com to redhat.com
2000-09-25 neil * MAINTAINERS: Add self as cpplib co-maintainer.
2000-09-24 aldyhadd self to maintainers list
2000-09-17 espieAdd myself
2000-09-15 kazu* MAINTAINERS: Add myself to Write After Approval list.
2000-09-12 wcohenAdded wcohen@redhat to list of maintainers.
2000-09-08 ciceronMaintainer for 68hc11 port
2000-08-30 obrien * MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval...
2000-08-23 aoliva* MAINTAINERS: Add self as a build machinery (*.in...
2000-08-23 dj* MAINTAINERS: Add self as a build machinery (*.in...
2000-08-21 dj* MAINTAINERS: Add self as a libiberty maintainer
2000-08-07 dj* MAINTAINERS: Add self as a DJGPP maintainer
2000-08-04 jsm28 * MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval list.
2000-07-27 lawAdd Geoff K to the folks with global write permissions.
2000-07-24 echristo*** empty log message ***
2000-07-23 jleAdded myself as i860 port maintainer.
2000-07-22 oldham * MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval list.
2000-07-21 cgfUpdate Windows maintainers.
2000-07-17 gdrAdd myself as diagnostics reporting module maintainer.
2000-06-29 m.hayes * MAINTAINERS: Add myself as loop discovery maintainer.
2000-06-28 lawAdd Alexandre as co-maintainer for mn10300 port.
2000-06-11 toonSun Jun 11 17:20:00 MET 2000 Toon Moene <toon@moene...
2000-05-30 pthomas * MAINTAINERS: Add self as i18n maintainer
2000-05-15 cagneyAdd self as write after approval.
2000-05-07 jleSat May 6 21:12:55 CDT 2000 Jason Eckhardt <jle...
2000-04-13 ajAdded myself as requested by Jeff Law.
2000-04-06 phdm * MAINTAINERS: Added myself.
2000-03-27 korbbLinuxbox has changed names...
2000-03-16 geoffkAdd self as rs6000 maintainer.
2000-03-12 toon * MAINTAINERS: Added myself for write-after-approval.
2000-03-12 wilson * MAINTAINERS: Add self as ia64 port maintainer.
2000-03-08 neilAdded myself to MAINTAINERS file.
2000-02-28 jleObvious, micro-change: "Vladimir Markarov" -> "Vladimir...
2000-02-17 lawAdd Denis as maintainer for avr port.
2000-02-14 nickcAdd maintainers for MCore port.
2000-02-11 scottbFix tabbing.
2000-02-11 scottbAdd myself to MAINTAINERS file.
2000-02-10 korbbIan Taylor's new address
2000-01-31 ghazi * MAINTAINERS: Pair cccp with cpplib maintainership.
2000-01-12 zack * Add self as cpplib maintainer, as requested by Jason
1999-12-23 hpAdd myself to "write after approval" list
1999-12-18 sirl * MAINTAINERS: Add myself to the write-after-approval...
1999-12-14 davemList Jakub as Sparc co-maintainer.
1999-12-14 jakubAdd myself into "write after approval"
1999-12-14 khanAdd myself to "write after approval" list.
1999-11-29 korbbUpdate e-address
1999-11-19 dnovillo* MAINTAINERS: Add new 'write after approval' maintainer.
1999-11-19 olivaChanged my e-mail address to oliva@lsd.ic.unicamp.br
1999-11-18 apbiancoWed Nov 17 16:08:43 1999 Alexandre Petit-Bianco ...
1999-11-17 geraldChange mail address of Per Bothner to per@bothner.com.
1999-11-17 hubickaAdd myself into "write after approval"
1999-11-12 mrsDate: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 22:07:16 -0700
1999-11-12 mrsSort write-after people to match sorted order of the...
1999-11-11 mmitchelAdd myself as a C++ maintainer again
1999-11-10 cpopetzAdded myself as "write after approval"
1999-10-27 jleAdd myself to list with write after approval access.
1999-10-14 rearnshaAdd myself to list with general write privs.
1999-10-13 jasonI get blanket write
1999-10-12 gkmAdd myself
1999-09-21 nickcAdd FR30 target.
1999-09-21 samuelAdd myself to the list.