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Add -lpwl to ppllibs.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / ChangeLog
2011-03-02 spopAdd -lpwl to ppllibs.
2011-03-02 spopAdd -lisl to clooglibs.
2011-02-24 ramana2011-02-24 Ramana Radhakrishnan <ramana.radhakrishnan...
2011-02-16 ro * MAINTAINERS: Add myself as testsuite maintainer.
2011-02-15 mrs * MAINTAINERS: Add myself as testsuite maintainer.
2011-02-13 rwildRemove freebsd1 from libtool.m4 macros and config.rpath.
2011-02-12 rwildImport move-if-change script from gnulib.
2011-02-12 rwildMove ChangeLog entries from toplevel to config/.
2011-02-12 aolivaChangeLog:
2011-02-11 rwildFix typo in toplevel configure.ac: PPL error message.
2011-02-08 burnus2011-02-08 Tobias Burnus <burnus@net-b.de>
2011-02-08 tschwinge * MAINTAINERS: Update my email address.
2011-02-07 jsm28 * MAINTAINERS (option handling): Add self.
2011-02-06 ktietz2011-02-06 Kai Tietz <kai.tietz@onevision.com>
2011-02-01 lekernel * MAINTAINERS (CPU Port Maintainers): Add myself.
2011-01-31 aolivaChangeLog:
2011-01-25 spopRemove the lambda framework and make -ftree-loop-linear...
2011-01-25 jakub * config/cloog.m4 (CLOOG_REQUESTED): Use $2 if --witho...
2011-01-25 spopFail when PPL 0.11 is not present and CLooG has been...
2011-01-25 spopExpect at least the version 0.11 of PPL.
2011-01-25 spopUpdate required cloog to 0.16.1.
2011-01-21 schwab* configure.ac: Use AS_HELP_STRING throughout.
2011-01-18 vapierdrop gdb mask for Blackfin targets
2011-01-13 rwildBackport from Libtool: Fix relink mode to use absolute...
2011-01-13 brobeckeResync with GDB (from "port GDB to ia64-hpux (native).")
2011-01-10 hubicka * config/bootstrap-lto.mk: -fuse-linker-plugin is...
2011-01-09 hubicka PR lto/47225
2011-01-08 hubicka * Makefile.in: Regenerate.
2011-01-07 wschmidt * MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.
2010-12-23 hariharans * configure: Regenerate.
2010-12-22 hariharans * configure.ac: (picochip): Disable libiberty.
2010-12-14 kaushikp * MAINTAINERS: Added myself to MAINTAINERS (write...
2010-12-10 ian PR bootstrap/46819
2010-12-10 burnus/
2010-12-06 aolivaCheck in for PR other/46020 was meant for PR other...
2010-12-03 ian * MAINTAINERS: Add myself as libgo maintainer.
2010-12-03 hp PR libffi/46792
2010-12-02 ian./:
2010-11-29 schwab* configure.ac: Move comment to remove extra space...
2010-11-26 aolivaPR other/46020
2010-11-23 hjlProperly check default linker.
2010-11-23 doko2010-11-23 Matthias Klose <doko@ubuntu.com>
2010-11-21 ianMove ChangeLog entry to correct ChangeLog file.
2010-11-21 ian * configure.ac: Only disable a language library if...
2010-11-20 bonzinimove config/ entries to config/ChangeLog
2010-11-20 rwildFix missing regeneration of toplevel Makefile.in.
2010-11-20 rwildPR other/46202: implement install-strip.
2010-11-19 grosser * config/cloog.m4: Use AS_HELP_STRING and fix help...
2010-11-19 ianMove entry to correct ChangeLog file.
2010-11-19 ianMove entry to correct ChangeLog.
2010-11-19 ian * configure.ac: Add target-libgo to target_libraries...
2010-11-19 ian * config-ml.in: Add Go support: treat GOC and GOCFLAGS...
2010-11-18 ian * configure.ac: Check for lang_requires_boot_languages in
2010-11-16 burnus/
2010-11-16 tromey * MAINTAINERS: Moved myself to reviewers section.
2010-11-15 rakdver * MAINTAINERS: Moved myself to reviewers section.
2010-11-15 rwildUpdate MAINTAINERS.
2010-11-15 schwab* configure.ac: Fix spelling in option names.
2010-11-13 ktietz2010-11-13 Georg-Johann Lay <georgjohann@web.de>
2010-11-13 ghazi * MAINTAINERS: Update my email address.
2010-11-12 grosserAdd -enable-cloog-backend.
2010-11-12 grosserImprove check for CLooG PPL Legacy.
2010-11-12 grosserFix typo
2010-11-12 grosserPass PPL libraries to CLooG version check
2010-11-11 hubicka * config/bootstrap-lto: Use -flto.
2010-11-11 spopSupport official CLooG.org versions.
2010-11-10 fdumont2010-11-10 Fran├žois Dumont <francois.cppdevs@free.fr>
2010-11-09 dje* MAINTAINERS: Updated my email address.
2010-11-04 iainsenable mdynamic-no-pic bootstrap for x86 Darwin
2010-11-03 davekChangeLog:
2010-11-02 amodra PR binutils/12110
2010-10-23 wilson* MAINTAINERS: Update my email address.
2010-10-20 ian * Makefile.def (target_modules): Set lib_path to src...
2010-10-18 lauras2010-10-18 Laurynas Biveinis <laurynas.biveinis@gmail...
2010-10-15 gingold2010-10-15 Tristan Gingold <gingold@adacore.com>
2010-10-14 rupp * MAINTAINERS (OS Port Maintainers): Add myself for...
2010-10-07 davekChangeLog:
2010-10-07 rwildFixup botched sync of toplevel configure from src.
2010-10-02 rwildAllow to pass separate configure arguments for build...
2010-09-30 rwildbuild: info-gcc, dvi-gcc etc work from unbuilt configur...
2010-09-30 eagerCheck in support for Xilinx MicroBlaze processor.
2010-09-28 eagerAdd self to MAINTAINERS for MicroBlaze CPU port.
2010-09-27 rwildFix unportable shell quoting.
2010-09-21 iains * configure.ac (enable-lto): Add Darwin to the list...
2010-09-15 belagod2010-09-15 Tejas Belagod <tejas.belagod@arm.com>
2010-09-03 dnovillo2010-09-03 Jack Howarth <howarth@bromo.med.uc.edu>
2010-09-02 mshawcroft2010-09-02 Marcus Shawcroft <marcus.shawcroft@arm...
2010-09-01 ibolton2010-09-01 Ian Bolton <ian.bolton@arm.com>
2010-08-24 dannysmith * MAINTAINERS (OS Port Maintainers): Remove myself...
2010-07-28 dyuste * MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.
2010-07-26 nickc * configure.ac: Support all v850 targets.
2010-07-23 rguenth2010-07-23 Marc Glisse <marc.glisse@normalesup.org>
2010-07-23 akMove changelogs to correct files
2010-07-23 akAdd changelog for last commit
2010-07-23 ak2010-07-10 Andi Kleen <ak@linux.intel.com>
2010-07-22 ak2010-07-22 Andi Kleen <ak@linux.intel.com>
2010-07-22 cltang * MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.
2010-07-20 jyasskinAdd myself to MAINTAINERS.
2010-07-17 iains2010-07-17 Jack Howarth <howarth@bromo.med.uc.edu>
2010-07-10 mikael2010-07-10 Mikael Morin <mikael@gcc.gnu.org>