OSDN Git Service

2019-08-23 watanabyFixed link error master
2016-10-22 watanabyfixed error at ndp request
2016-07-04 watanabyadded a null pointer check in alarm
2016-06-27 watanabyauto stop/start of daemon at installation
2016-06-26 watanabyremoved flag for log option
2016-06-25 watanabyadded cleanup of emacs autosave in Makefile
2016-06-25 watanabyadded padding in popup. fix mysql query in acquiring...
2016-06-24 watanabyadjust logmode and logtable
2016-06-24 watanabymodify missing in html
2016-06-24 watanabyrestored optional log table in management db
2016-06-22 watanabymodified html
2016-06-19 watanabymodified code to prevent DB inflation
2016-05-18 watanabyadded warning at registrating other's device
2016-05-06 watanabyreplaced signal function.
2015-10-19 watanabymodified comments
2015-09-14 watanabymodified comments
2015-07-24 watanabyadded splash mode
2015-06-21 watanabyFixed CLang warning messages and other
2015-03-27 watanabymodified up/reg pages
2015-03-26 watanabymodified update page. reduced emails.
2014-11-21 watanabyadded sendreportmail.php
2014-09-29 watanabychanged strncat to strlcat
2014-09-29 watanabychanged strncpy to strlcpy
2014-09-29 watanabyChanged strncpy to strlcpy
2014-09-29 watanabyadded edit function for dev-name and mail
2014-04-23 watanabyadded watch function
2014-02-28 watanabychanged log table to chart. Added status P(=Pause).
2013-06-19 watanabyModified mac cache to store not-found info
2013-06-18 watanabymodified to save all ip addresses
2013-06-13 watanabyfixed error on ip address conversion
2013-04-05 watanabyVer.0.8.1