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Add key length when 'PRIMARY KEY' is used for full text column.
[nucleus-jp/nucleus-jp-ancient.git] / utf8 / nucleus / libs / backup.php
2007-02-19 kmorimatsuAdd key length when 'PRIMARY KEY' is used for full...
2007-02-04 kimitakesync with original 3.3
2006-12-11 kmorimatsubug (lacking default value when DB restore) fix
2006-07-17 kimitakemerged 3.3 beta1
2005-08-13 kimitakesync the original code
2005-03-12 kimitakemerged 3.2 original code
2005-03-04 kimitake3.15 taka-san version
2005-02-28 kimitakeThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...