OSDN Git Service

2013-10-15 akira001Release master
2013-10-15 akira001Support offlaw.cgi
2013-09-17 akira001fix: failed to recognize the region of 2ch style link...
2013-09-12 akira001release
2013-08-13 akira001relase
2013-08-13 akira001In some situations wrong data getting saved for the...
2013-08-12 akira001release
2013-08-12 akira001Save a flag that enable the auto update favorites dynam...
2013-08-12 akira001Support the cloud favorites update intervals.
2013-08-12 akira001fix some bugs in the res view html layout engine.
2013-07-21 akira001Add .gitignore
2013-07-21 akira001fix: Crash if there is no res_layout.html and the debug... develop
2013-07-20 AkiraInitial contents of nt2chview