OSDN Git Service

2009-01-20 NARUSE, YuiUpdate --help. v2_0_9
2009-01-20 NARUSE, YuiAdd target install.
2009-01-20 NARUSE, YuiUpdate documents.
2009-01-20 NARUSE, YuiImported following change from ruby.
2009-01-19 NARUSE, YuiRelease 2.0.9.
2009-01-19 NARUSE, YuiUpdate document.
2009-01-19 NARUSE, YuiEdit help message.
2009-01-19 NARUSE, YuiUpdate document and help.
2009-01-19 NARUSE, Yui-s means Shift_JIS not Windows-31J. (revert to 2.0.8)
2009-01-19 NARUSE, YuiChange to zlib license.
2009-01-06 NARUSE, YuiAdd *.swp.
2009-01-06 NARUSE, YuiUse nkf_state->nfc_buf.
2009-01-06 NARUSE, YuiUse nkf_isblank and nkf_isspace.
2009-01-06 NARUSE, YuiMove mimeout_state.state to nkf_state->mimeout_state.
2009-01-05 NARUSE, YuiIntroduce nkf_state.
2009-01-05 NARUSE, YuiChange to MIT License.
2009-01-05 NARUSE, Yui* add -pedantic.
2009-01-05 NARUSE, Yui* rename nkf_ary to nkf_buf_t.
2009-01-04 NARUSE, Yui* rename nkf_malloc to nkf_xmalloc.
2008-12-25 NARUSE, YuiIgnore generated files.
2008-12-25 NARUSE, YuiWorkarround fix for a long boundary of MIME encode.
2008-12-25 NARUSE, YuiUpdate documents.
2008-11-19 NARUSE, YuiFix previous test.
2008-11-19 NARUSE, YuiAdd test for guess UTF8_STR_OF_JIS_SECOND_LEVEL_KANJI.
2008-11-10 NARUSE, Yui* update documents.
2008-11-10 NARUSE, Yui* Fix memory leak.
2008-11-10 NARUSE, Yui* use nkf_malloc.
2008-11-10 NARUSE, Yui* refix previous change.
2008-11-10 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: nkc for UTF8-MAC.
2008-11-07 NARUSE, Yui* update release date.
2008-11-07 NARUSE, YuiPatch by sava. [nkf-patch#13930]
2008-10-28 NARUSE, Yui* nkf.c (kanji_convert): output unicode chars. [ruby...
2008-10-28 NARUSE, Yui* nkf.c (numchar_getc): increase buffer size.
2008-10-25 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: NkfConvert isn't reentrant. patched by VA007219.
2008-10-23 NARUSE, Yui* update nkf32.dll.
2008-10-19 NARUSE, Yui* update date.
2008-10-19 NARUSE, Yui* fix locale charset on Windows.
2008-10-04 NARUSE, Yui* merge constify by nobu.
2008-09-19 NARUSE, Yui* fix memory violation. mentioned by mame [ruby-dev...
2008-07-08 NARUSE, Yui* fix Input UTF-16LE.
2008-05-22 NARUSE, Yui* fix nkf_enc_find_index.
2008-02-08 NARUSE, Yui* cosmetic changes.
2008-02-08 NARUSE, Yui* support ISO-8859-1 in ISO-2022-JP-2.
2008-02-08 NARUSE, Yui* add csISO2022JP
2008-02-08 NARUSE, Yui* Add support for JIS X0213:2004
2008-02-07 NARUSE, Yui* fix: U+00D8 - U+00DF assumed as unpaired surrogate.
2008-02-07 NARUSE, Yui* large refactoring.
2008-02-01 NARUSE, Yui* change return value for libraries.
2008-02-01 NARUSE, Yui* refine source code.
2008-01-24 NARUSE, Yui* change order of definitions.
2008-01-24 NARUSE, Yui* change order of definitions.
2008-01-23 NARUSE, Yui* add preparative code for iconv support.
2008-01-23 NARUSE, Yui* add nkf32.h
2008-01-23 NARUSE, Yui* refine file structure.
2008-01-22 NARUSE, Yui* refactoring arround set_{in,out}_encoding.
2008-01-22 NARUSE, Yui* refactoring.
2008-01-11 NARUSE, Yui* canonical name of ASCII is US-ASCII.
2008-01-01 NARUSE, Yui* -s is now alias of Windows-31J.
2007-12-23 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: core dumped when invalid output encoding was...
2007-12-23 NARUSE, Yui* fix some errors.
2007-12-23 NARUSE, Yui* fix some errors.
2007-12-23 NARUSE, Yui* define HELP_OUTPUT and help and version messages...
2007-12-22 NARUSE, Yui* refactoring encodings.
2007-12-19 NARUSE, Yui* support encoding "SJIS".
2007-12-19 NARUSE, Yui* input/output encoding refactoring. (for Ruby M17N)
2007-12-19 NARUSE, Yui* use constant COPY_RIGHT.
2007-12-19 NARUSE, Yui* constant DEFAULT_NEWLINE added.
2007-12-18 NARUSE, Yui* nkf.c(show_configuration): fix indent.
2007-12-07 NARUSE, Yui* Fix help message.
2007-12-07 NARUSE, Yui* little fix.
2007-12-01 NARUSE, Yui* X0201_DEFAULT gives whether JIS X 0201 Katakana will...
2007-11-18 NARUSE, Yui* s/nextline/newline/g.
2007-11-06 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: mime encode document.
2007-11-06 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: mime_encode test.
2007-11-06 NARUSE, Yui* nkf_noescape_mime(): Add '(' and ')'.
2007-11-03 NARUSE, Yui* More improvement for mime encode.
2007-11-03 NARUSE, Yui* Support RFC3548 (Base 64 Encoding with URL and Filena...
2007-11-03 NARUSE, Yui* Remove itoh4().
2007-11-03 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: wordwrap for mime encode. [nkf-bugs#11329]
2007-10-11 NARUSE, Yui* Add -g=0, -g=1, --guess=0, --guess=1.
2007-10-05 NARUSE, Yui* Ignore options when they were given with guess option.
2007-10-05 NARUSE, Yui* Fixed test for -Z4.
2007-10-02 NARUSE, Yui* Fixed input_nextline is int.
2007-10-02 NARUSE, Yui* Revert default C Compiler.
2007-10-02 NARUSE, Yui* Fixed guess next line when multiple file input. ...
2007-10-02 NARUSE, Yui* Remove variable is_inputcode_mixed.
2007-10-02 NARUSE, Yui* Add tests for Next line convertion.
2007-10-02 NARUSE, Yui* Add command_tests().
2007-10-02 NARUSE, Yui* Fixed: Guess Next line broken. [Nkf-dev 44]
2007-10-01 NARUSE, Yui* Remove extra space.
2007-10-01 NARUSE, Yui* Remove variable is_incputcode_set.
2007-10-01 NARUSE, Yui* Rename cr_conv to nl_conv, o_crconv to o_nlconv,...
2007-09-19 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: CRLF
2007-09-19 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: Some characters are confused with Halfwidth...
2007-09-19 NARUSE, Yui* some code maintenance.
2007-09-12 NARUSE, Yui* Add characters to -Z4.
2007-08-31 NARUSE, Yui* Add option -Z4: Convert JIS X 0208 Katakana to JIS...
2007-08-30 NARUSE, Yui* ReFix: forum15899.
2007-08-23 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: mime encode extra NL + SPACE.
2007-08-10 NARUSE, Yui* Fix typo: "Endien" -> "Endian" [ nkf-Bugs-10833 ]