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* Fix: nkf32.dll can't build.
[nkf/nkf.git] / utf8tbl.c
2007-05-29 NARUSE, Yui* Support CP10001 (Microsoft's MacJapanese).
2006-11-12 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: other fixes arround cp932 encodings.
2006-04-02 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: Can't compile other than gcc.
2006-03-05 NARUSE, Yui* Add --no-best-fit-chars option.
2005-12-09 NARUSE, Yui* change mappings of U+00A5 and U+203E
2005-11-21 NARUSE, Yui* Remove character convertions that are not defined...
2005-10-28 NARUSE, Yui* supported CP932/CP51932/eucJP-ms
2005-10-24 NARUSE, Yui* Add convertion table:
2005-07-21 NARUSE, Yui* fix some type confliction
2005-07-21 NARUSE, Yui* make read only variables const [ruby-dev:26592] by...
2005-07-05 NARUSE, Yui* add support for UTF-8-MAC
2005-06-28 NARUSE, YuiU+FF5E, U+00A6, U+FF4E
2004-12-18 Rei FURUKAWA--x0212 オプション追加
2004-11-05 NARUSE, Yuiadd tables for Microsoft UCS Mapping Compatibile
2004-05-31 Rei FURUKAWA--cp932inv のためのテーブル
2003-10-05 Rei FURUKAWA機種依存文字のテーブルを追加
2003-08-27 Rei FURUKAWA重複するコードのテーブルを一部変更
2003-02-20 Rei FURUKAWAいわゆる機種依存文字といわれていた部分のテーブルを追加
2002-10-30 Rei FURUKAWAx0201kana の部分にゴミがあったので修正
2002-09-26 Shinji KonoInitial revision