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* Remove copying exe and dll other folder.
[nkf/nkf.git] / nkf_test.pl
2006-05-02 NARUSE, Yui* Add -t2 option which uses put_* functions.
2006-03-24 NARUSE, Yui* Add JIS X 0212 test.
2006-03-05 NARUSE, Yui* Add tests for JIS X 0213
2006-01-05 NARUSE, Yui* Add option --enable-round-trip.
2005-11-07 NARUSE, Yui* Added tests for new long options --ic and --oc
2005-07-19 NARUSE, Yui* add test for BUG#2273
2005-04-10 Rei FURUKAWAmime_out 用のデータ追加
2005-01-02 NARUSE, Yui* fix mime_out tests
2004-12-01 NARUSE, Yui* set default --cp932inv
2004-11-20 NARUSE, Yui* add test (mime_out2).
2004-11-08 NARUSE, Yui* add cp932 tests
2004-11-05 NARUSE, Yuiadd tests for Microsoft UCS Mapping Compatible
2004-11-04 NARUSE, Yuiadd some tests for Unicode
2003-10-05 Rei FURUKAWA#3025 パッチ
2002-12-06 Rei FURUKAWA重村さんのパッチをもとに、-F の改行保存の改行として CR/CRLF/LF
2002-11-28 Rei FURUKAWA重村さんのパッチにより、nkf -M の動作が変更になった点に対応
2002-09-26 Shinji KonoInitial revision