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* SetNkfOption(LPCSTR optStr) -> SetNkfOption(LPSTR optStr)
[nkf/nkf.git] / nkf32dll.c
2007-07-25 NARUSE, Yui* SetNkfOption(LPCSTR optStr) -> SetNkfOption(LPSTR...
2007-07-25 NARUSE, Yui* Fix comments.
2007-07-19 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: nkf32.dll can't build
2006-04-17 NARUSE, Yui* Modify and Add files for nkf.exe and nkf32.dll.
2006-03-15 NARUSE, Yui* update version strings as 2.0.6
2005-04-18 Rei FURUKAWApatch (by mastodon)
2005-02-20 NARUSE, Yui* merge from nkf32.dll