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[nkf/nkf.git] / nkf.h
2013-04-28 NARUSE, YuiAdd bionic libc's case
2013-02-20 NARUSE, YuiRemove CVS Id
2012-11-22 NARUSE, YuiSuppress warnings on -ansi -Wextra
2010-05-21 NARUSE, YuiCleaning warnings.
2010-01-23 NARUSE, Yuidefine NKF_H. [nkf-forum:47958]
2010-01-15 NARUSE, YuiFix: didn't follow eolmode_f on MIME encode. [nkf-forum...
2008-11-07 NARUSE, Yui* update release date.
2008-11-07 NARUSE, YuiPatch by sava. [nkf-patch#13930]
2008-10-23 NARUSE, Yui* update nkf32.dll.
2008-02-01 NARUSE, Yui* refine source code.
2008-01-23 NARUSE, Yui* refine file structure.
2006-04-17 NARUSE, Yui* Modify and Add files for nkf.exe and nkf32.dll.