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Release 2.1.3
[nkf/nkf.git] / nkf.c
2013-11-22 NARUSE, YuiRelease 2.1.3 v2_1_3
2013-11-06 NARUSE, YuiMerge branch 'nkf-bug-32328'
2013-11-06 SATOH FumiyasuFix ESC + ESC-sequence chars decode in ISO-2022-JP...
2013-11-06 SATOH FumiyasuFix ESC + multibyte char decode in Shift_JIS input
2013-02-20 NARUSE, YuiRevert c7f07b3aaf5921647bd66a6ceb8f9741900bf4b2
2013-02-20 NARUSE, YuiRemove CVS Id
2013-02-20 NARUSE, YuiRemove extra outputs [ruby-dev:47057]
2012-11-24 NARUSE, YuiReturning flags are nkf_char
2012-11-22 NARUSE, YuiSuppress warnings on -ansi -Wextra
2012-11-22 NARUSE, YuiSupport JIS X 0213.
2012-11-22 NARUSE, YuiFix JIS X 0201 decode [nkf-bug#30162]
2012-09-13 NARUSE, YuiFix: can't convert CP50221's UDC to CP932
2012-08-29 NARUSE, Yuiupdate release date.
2012-08-29 NARUSE, YuiFix: Halfwidh treated as fullwidth on folding. [nkf...
2012-03-17 NARUSE, YuiShow "(BOM)" if the byte sequence has BOM.
2012-03-17 NARUSE, YuiShow endian on --guess.
2011-09-08 NARUSE, YuiRelease 2.1.2.
2011-09-08 NARUSE, YuiRemove trailing spaces.
2011-03-25 NARUSE, YuiFix type for character value.
2011-01-08 NARUSE, YuiFix: wrong decode function setting [nkf-bug:55125]
2010-08-08 NARUSE, YuiFix type of mimeout_state.buf. [nkf-bug:20079]
2010-05-21 NARUSE, YuiCleaning warnings.
2010-04-28 NARUSE, YuiFix JISX0201 of eucJP-ms, eucJP-ascii and CP50220.
2010-04-18 NARUSE, YuiAdd alias MS_Kanji to Shift_JIS.
2010-04-18 NARUSE, YuiFix documentation about MS_Kanji. [nkf-forum:50128]
2010-04-14 NARUSE, YuiRefix [nkf-bug:21393]. (explicit -X)
2010-04-13 NARUSE, YuiFix: Windows Codepages wrongly convert Halfwidth Kataka...
2010-03-14 NARUSE, YuiFix don't break line in ASCII. [nkf-forum:48850]
2010-03-12 NARUSE, YuiFix: UTF-16's BOM.
2010-01-29 NARUSE, YuiFix allocating size.
2010-01-24 NARUSE, YuiUnicode wraped char is broken in h_conv.
2010-01-24 NARUSE, Yuifix: --numchar-input is broken. [nkf-forum:47943]
2010-01-15 NARUSE, YuiFix: didn't follow eolmode_f on MIME encode. [nkf-forum...
2010-01-07 NARUSE, YuiJIS X 0201's MIME Encode default should be ISO-2022...
2010-01-07 NARUSE, YuiCan't encode UTF16 string with surrogate pairs. [nkf...
2010-01-06 NARUSE, YuiChange content of w_iconv16 and w_iconv32. [nkf-forum...
2010-01-06 NARUSE, YuiAdd more encoding name. [nkf-forum:47709]
2009-12-05 NARUSE YuiFix: fail test on 16bit environment.
2009-12-03 NARUSE YuiFix: LF between ISO-2022-JP causes broken output. ...
2009-11-20 NARUSE YuiDon't MIME encode newline characters.
2009-11-20 NARUSE YuiTreat UTF_8 as non-japanese mode.
2009-11-19 NARUSE YuiAllow output MIME encoded Unicode characters. [nkf...
2009-11-19 NARUSE YuiFix: MIME encode ISO-2022-JP after US-ASCII is broken...
2009-11-17 NARUSE YuiRelease 2.1.0. v2_1_0
2009-10-21 NARUSE YuiFix: CRLF & Q-encode & softwrap breaks result.
2009-09-03 NARUSE YuiFix: CP932 doesn't imply -x.
2009-08-20 NARUSE YuiOutput \e in SJIS and UTF-8. [ruby-dev:39120]
2009-08-03 NARUSE YuiFix: -Zx always implies -Z0. [nkf-forum:45244]
2009-06-22 NARUSE Yuicp932inv_f is FALSE if output is ISO-2022-JP.
2009-05-29 NARUSE YuiSupport JIS X 0201 Katakana in 8bit JIS.
2009-04-26 NARUSE, YuiFix: guess encoding of 4bytes UTF-8 is broken. [nkf...
2009-04-26 NARUSE, YuiFix: Unicode scalar value to UTF-8 is broken on beyond...
2009-02-21 NARUSE, YuiFix: doesn't put BOM on UTF-32.
2009-02-21 NARUSE, YuiFix: can't guess UTF-16 and UTF-32.
2009-02-19 NARUSE, YuiFix: -Z1 and -Z2 doesn't include -Z0. [nkf-forum#41992]
2009-01-20 NARUSE, YuiUpdate --help. v2_0_9
2009-01-20 NARUSE, YuiImported following change from ruby.
2009-01-19 NARUSE, YuiRelease 2.0.9.
2009-01-19 NARUSE, YuiEdit help message.
2009-01-19 NARUSE, YuiUpdate document and help.
2009-01-19 NARUSE, Yui-s means Shift_JIS not Windows-31J. (revert to 2.0.8)
2009-01-19 NARUSE, YuiChange to zlib license.
2009-01-06 NARUSE, YuiUse nkf_state->nfc_buf.
2009-01-06 NARUSE, YuiUse nkf_isblank and nkf_isspace.
2009-01-06 NARUSE, YuiMove mimeout_state.state to nkf_state->mimeout_state.
2009-01-05 NARUSE, YuiIntroduce nkf_state.
2009-01-05 NARUSE, YuiChange to MIT License.
2009-01-05 NARUSE, Yui* rename nkf_ary to nkf_buf_t.
2009-01-04 NARUSE, Yui* rename nkf_malloc to nkf_xmalloc.
2008-12-25 NARUSE, YuiWorkarround fix for a long boundary of MIME encode.
2008-11-10 NARUSE, Yui* Fix memory leak.
2008-11-10 NARUSE, Yui* use nkf_malloc.
2008-11-10 NARUSE, Yui* refix previous change.
2008-11-10 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: nkc for UTF8-MAC.
2008-11-07 NARUSE, Yui* update release date.
2008-11-07 NARUSE, YuiPatch by sava. [nkf-patch#13930]
2008-10-28 NARUSE, Yui* nkf.c (kanji_convert): output unicode chars. [ruby...
2008-10-28 NARUSE, Yui* nkf.c (numchar_getc): increase buffer size.
2008-10-23 NARUSE, Yui* update nkf32.dll.
2008-10-19 NARUSE, Yui* update date.
2008-10-19 NARUSE, Yui* fix locale charset on Windows.
2008-10-04 NARUSE, Yui* merge constify by nobu.
2008-09-19 NARUSE, Yui* fix memory violation. mentioned by mame [ruby-dev...
2008-07-08 NARUSE, Yui* fix Input UTF-16LE.
2008-05-22 NARUSE, Yui* fix nkf_enc_find_index.
2008-02-08 NARUSE, Yui* cosmetic changes.
2008-02-08 NARUSE, Yui* support ISO-8859-1 in ISO-2022-JP-2.
2008-02-08 NARUSE, Yui* add csISO2022JP
2008-02-08 NARUSE, Yui* Add support for JIS X0213:2004
2008-02-07 NARUSE, Yui* fix: U+00D8 - U+00DF assumed as unpaired surrogate.
2008-02-07 NARUSE, Yui* large refactoring.
2008-02-01 NARUSE, Yui* change return value for libraries.
2008-02-01 NARUSE, Yui* refine source code.
2008-01-24 NARUSE, Yui* change order of definitions.
2008-01-24 NARUSE, Yui* change order of definitions.
2008-01-23 NARUSE, Yui* add preparative code for iconv support.
2008-01-23 NARUSE, Yui* refine file structure.
2008-01-22 NARUSE, Yui* refactoring arround set_{in,out}_encoding.
2008-01-22 NARUSE, Yui* refactoring.
2008-01-11 NARUSE, Yui* canonical name of ASCII is US-ASCII.