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Fix: -Z1 and -Z2 doesn't include -Z0. [nkf-forum#41992]
[nkf/nkf.git] / man / nkf.1j.pm
2009-01-19 NARUSE, YuiUpdate document.
2008-12-25 NARUSE, YuiUpdate documents.
2008-11-10 NARUSE, Yui* update documents.
2007-11-06 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: mime encode document.
2007-10-01 NARUSE, Yui* Remove extra space.
2007-08-10 NARUSE, Yui* Fix typo: "Endien" -> "Endian" [ nkf-Bugs-10833 ]
2007-07-09 NARUSE, Yui* Update Copyright. v2_0_8
2006-08-22 NARUSE, Yui* NKF.mod/NKF.pm: fix document [nkf-bugs#8614]
2006-07-30 NARUSE, Yui* fix typo.
2006-06-13 NARUSE, YuiAdd files to genarate manuals.