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Fix: Unicode scalar value to UTF-8 is broken on beyond the BMP.
[nkf/nkf.git] / config.h
2008-11-07 NARUSE, YuiPatch by sava. [nkf-patch#13930]
2008-02-01 NARUSE, Yui* change return value for libraries.
2008-02-01 NARUSE, Yui* refine source code.
2008-01-23 NARUSE, Yui* refine file structure.
2008-01-22 NARUSE, Yui* refactoring arround set_{in,out}_encoding.
2006-06-12 NARUSE, Yui* nkf2-20060506-dos16.diff by lukewarm
2005-07-21 NARUSE, Yui* make read only variables const [ruby-dev:26592] by...
2005-07-21 NARUSE, Yui* add support for UTF-8-MAC
2005-02-20 NARUSE, Yui* merge from nkf32.dll
2004-12-18 Rei FURUKAWA--x0212 オプション追加
2004-01-02 Rei FURUKAWAEXEC_IO をデフォルトでは無効化
2003-10-14 Rei FURUKAWA*** empty log message ***
2003-10-05 Rei FURUKAWA--numchar-input オプションが少しいいかげんだったので、修正
2003-02-20 Rei FURUKAWA--cp932 オプション
2002-09-29 Rei FURUKAWAデフォルトの出力コード選択を config.h に移動
2002-09-26 Shinji KonoInitial revision