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* -h converts Hiragana / Katakana Iteration Marks.
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2006-03-15 NARUSE, Yui* update document (--in-place and others)
2006-03-05 NARUSE, Yui* Update document
2006-03-05 NARUSE, Yui* Update document.
2005-12-11 NARUSE, Yui* Fixed some miss spelling and spacing and so on by...
2005-12-09 NARUSE, Yui* Add document about --hiragana and some fixes.
2005-12-05 NARUSE, Yui* update document
2005-04-10 Rei FURUKAWAversion strings
2004-11-06 NARUSE, Yuiadd binmode and some changes.
2004-01-02 Rei FURUKAWAバージョン変更
2003-10-05 Rei FURUKAWA#3025 パッチに伴う修正
2003-10-05 Rei FURUKAWA自動判別の状態を保持したまま変換を続ける nkf_continue を追加
2002-10-30 Rei FURUKAWAsegmentation fault 対策
2002-09-26 Shinji KonoInitial revision