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[nkf/nkf.git] / Makefile
2015-12-12 NARUSE, Yuibump version v2_1_4
2014-10-09 NARUSE, YuiSplit install into -main, -man, -man-ja [nkf-bug#34250]
2014-01-14 NARUSE, Yuiadd LDFLAGS [nkf-bug#32639]
2013-11-22 NARUSE, YuiRelease 2.1.3 v2_1_3
2012-03-15 NARUSE, YuiFix build for python.
2012-03-15 NARUSE, YuiFix .travis.yml to test perl and python.
2011-09-08 NARUSE, YuiRelease 2.1.2.
2010-09-15 NARUSE, YuiDon't convert file encoding on packaging.
2010-09-13 NARUSE, YuiRelease 2.1.1.
2010-01-07 NARUSE, YuiForce updating files.
2009-11-17 NARUSE YuiRelease 2.1.0. v2_1_0
2009-08-21 NARUSE YuiFix Makefile: PHONY install and add recursive mkdir...
2009-05-29 NARUSE YuiChange default compile option to -g -O2.
2009-01-20 NARUSE, YuiAdd target install.
2009-01-05 NARUSE, Yui* add -pedantic.
2008-01-23 NARUSE, Yui* refine file structure.
2007-12-22 NARUSE, Yui* refactoring encodings.
2007-10-02 NARUSE, Yui* Revert default C Compiler.
2007-10-02 NARUSE, Yui* Fixed guess next line when multiple file input. ...
2007-07-25 NARUSE, Yui* Fix versions.
2007-07-20 NARUSE, Yui* Update version.
2006-07-30 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: make clean remove nkf.exe [nkf-bug#8614]
2006-04-02 NARUSE, Yui* Fix: Can't compile other than gcc.
2006-03-26 NARUSE, Yui* update version string
2005-04-10 Rei FURUKAWAversion strings
2005-02-20 NARUSE, Yui* prevent from reporting error by make clean in NKF...
2004-01-02 Rei FURUKAWAバージョン変更
2003-09-28 Shinji Kono*** empty log message ***
2003-01-25 Rei FURUKAWAnkf 2.0.2 nkf-202
2002-10-02 Shinji Kono*** empty log message ***
2002-09-26 Shinji KonoInitial revision