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Correct possible data loss on sync.
[neighbornote/NeighborNote.git] / src / cx / fbn / nevernote / threads / SyncRunner.java
2010-10-10 Randy BaumgarteCorrect possible data loss on sync.
2010-09-21 Randy BaumgarteMerge branch 'master' of ssh://nevernote.git.sourceforg...
2010-09-14 Randy BaumgarteAltered sync complete message to notify user if errors...
2010-08-27 Randy BaumgarteMerge Hiroshi's language changes into development branch.
2010-08-22 Randy BaumgarteAlter sync logic to examine new notes as they arrive...
2010-07-23 Randy BaumgarteThere are multiple changes with this commit.
2010-07-23 Nick ClarkeFix handling of H2 lock files
2010-07-13 Randy BaumgarteNeverNote 0.88.