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- Added the ability to do special refreshes for debugging. - Added the ability to...
[neighbornote/NeighborNote.git] / src / cx / fbn / nevernote / dialog / ConfigDebugPage.java
2011-06-28 Randy Baumgarte- Added the ability to do special refreshes for debuggi...
2011-06-28 Randy BaumgarteUpdated comments in some of the code.
2011-04-03 Randy BaumgarteAdd HTML Entities test fix for unicode notes on Android.
2011-01-10 Randy BaumgarteAdded ability to customize db cache.
2010-10-28 Randy BaumgarteAdded more thumbnail logic & correct search bugs.
2010-08-27 Randy BaumgarteMerge Hiroshi's language changes into development branch.
2010-08-06 Hiroshi Miura (mom... add missing tr() for I18N
2010-08-06 Hiroshi Miura (mom... add qt message catalogs and build rules
2010-07-13 Randy BaumgarteNeverNote 0.88.