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Add sync-only option to startup scripts
[neighbornote/NeighborNote.git] / package_scripts /
2011-11-17 Randy BaumgarteAdd Installed-Size to debian package scripts
2011-10-09 Randy BaumgarteCleanup build scripts to pass lintian check
2011-10-08 Randy BaumgarteUpdate package scripts to 1.1
2011-07-26 Randy BaumgarteMerge branch 'development' of ssh://nevernote.git.sourc...
2011-07-26 Randy BaumgarteName change to NixNote
2011-04-10 Randy BaumgarteModify for 0.98 release.
2011-02-25 Randy BaumgarteUpdate package scripts & change log for 0.97
2011-01-31 Randy BaumgarteAdd man page, modify package scripts for new path bin...
2011-01-02 Randy BaumgarteUpdate package scripts to 0.96
2010-12-19 Randy BaumgarteModify package scripts for 0.95 build.
2010-10-11 Randy BaumgarteUpgrade scripts to 0.92.1
2010-10-10 Randy BaumgarteModified build for 0.92 and fix nevernote.bat 64 bit...
2010-10-03 Randy BaumgarteUpdate build scripts for 0.91
2010-10-01 Randy BaumgarteUpdate release & upgrade infor. Fix clean.sh script.
2010-10-01 Randy BaumgarteHopefully this did the translations properly.
2010-09-23 Randy Baumgarte- Add bulid packages, update install.txt, and re-commit...