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2014-04-06 monacoinprojectgetnormalizedtxid now explains itself. master origin/
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectAdd normalized transaction hash
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectMonacoin: reject fee > 1 MONA in sendrawtransaction
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectRemove "conflicted" as transaction category.
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectAdd HasCanonicalPushes(), and use it in IsStandardTx
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectqt: Add option to (not) spend unconfirmed change
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectBump copyright years to 2014 for changed files
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectHandle "conflicted" transactions properly
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectIf requested, actually treat uncomfirmed change as...
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectPartial: Fix off-by-one errors in use of IsFinalTx()
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectqt: add missing cs_wallet lock in AddressTableModel...
2014-04-06 monacoinproject[raw] reject insanely high fees by default in sendrawtr...
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectAdd option to avoid spending unconfirmed change
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectFix `getaddednodeinfo` RPC call with dns=false
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectAdd check for valid keys in `importprivkey`
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectqt: Fix richtext detection hang issue on very old Qt...
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectBugfix: Undefine _FORTIFY_SOURCE before redefining...
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectDon't create empty transactions when reading corrupted...
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectExplicitly ensure that wallet is unlocked in `importpri...
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectUpdate build-osx.md
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectChange release-process.md to sign release tags
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectPartial: Sanitize assert usage and refuse to compile...
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectdoc: replace DOS with MSYS shell to be more consistent
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectqt: add license header to source files
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectShow short scriptPubKeys correctly
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectBug fix: CDataStream::GetAndClear() when nReadPos > 0
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectbitcoingui: show main window (if hidden) on modal messages
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectRPC: prevent crash with walletpassphrase
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectBugfix: Supress "address" key in transaction details...
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectBugfix: Avoid trying to parse outputs that aren't relev...
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectAvoid core dump if rpc port is in use.
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectUpdate Qt 4.8.3 download link
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectBitcoin-Qt: prevent stuck/unusable debug window on...
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectfix #3049 by changing comment for CNetAddr::IsRFC4193()
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectmisc small spelling/indentation fixes
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectBitcoin-Qt: BitcoinGUI::message() updates/fixes
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectFix minor unit test memory leaks
2014-04-06 monacoinprojectMake settxfee clear that units are MONA/KB.
2014-03-09 monacoinprojectreadme origin/master
2014-03-09 monacoinprojectfix origin/next
2014-02-24 monacoinproject8.6.2
2014-01-15 monacoinprojectMerge pull request #1 from ohac/master origin/8.6.1
2014-01-11 OHASHI Hideyabitcoin-qt.pro: merge with litecoin
2014-01-11 OHASHI Hideyaremove trash file
2014-01-11 OHASHI Hideyafix build problem
2014-01-11 OHASHI Hideyafix leveldb and .gitignore files
2014-01-01 monacoinprojectUpdate README.md
2014-01-01 monacoinprojectbuild_config.mk commit
2014-01-01 monacoinprojectInitial commit