OSDN Git Service

2016-08-15 Koji AraiFix some typos.
2016-08-15 Koji AraiRemove the -mno-cygwin option for gcc4 or later.
2016-08-09 Koji AraiAdd an OS X server in .travis.yml
2016-05-08 Koji AraiAbort when getc() is failed.
2016-05-08 Koji AraiAbort when fseek() is failed.
2016-05-07 Koji AraiShould not create symlinks in `lha p' command.
2016-05-06 Koji AraiFix a buffer overflow bug in getbytes()
2016-05-02 Koji AraiThe header length should be check more strictly.
2016-02-02 Koji AraiAdd more strict sanity check
2016-02-02 Koji AraiFix another BUG about negative length.
2016-01-23 Koji AraiFix a BUG skip size become negative in the skip_bytes...
2016-01-16 Koji AraiAvoid the buffer overflow BUG to occur to read the...
2016-01-04 Koji AraiMerge pull request #6 from yoheie/remove-config-h-in
2016-01-04 Yohei EndoRemove config.h.in
2015-11-30 Koji AraiMerge pull request #5 from yoheie/fix-make_name_with_pa...
2015-11-30 Yohei EndoFix build error when lstat is not supported
2015-11-30 Yohei EndoRemove unused parameter
2015-11-29 Koji AraiAdd a compiler clang
2015-11-29 Koji AraiRemove email address from .travis.yml
2015-11-29 Koji AraiAdd .travis.yml
2015-11-29 Koji AraiShould not use fatal_error() because the errno may...
2015-11-29 Koji AraiReplace fprintf() with fatal_error()
2015-11-29 Koji AraiPrevent from extracting files follow symbolic link
2015-11-29 Koji AraiChange the file encoding to UTF-8.
2015-10-18 Koji AraiMerge pull request #2 from yoheie/fix-case-conversion
2015-10-17 Yohei EndoFix nesting of MULTIBYTE_FILENAME compiler switch
2015-10-17 Yohei EndoFix filename case conversion on utf8 system
2015-10-13 Koji AraiMerge pull request #1 from yoheie/fix-makefile-am
2015-10-13 Yohei EndoFix filenames in Makefile.am
2015-01-20 Koji AraiWe do not have to support non-ANSI C compilers
2015-01-19 Koji AraiAdd some ignore files
2015-01-19 Koji AraiRemove AM_C_PROTOTYPES from configure.ac
2015-01-19 Koji AraiChange documents to UTF-8 encoding
2011-11-26 Koji AraiMerge branch 'pmarc'
2008-11-12 Koji AraiPMA extracting sources were licensed under the MIT... pmarc
2008-10-30 Koji AraiWorkaround for Zsh bug? on Cygwin.
2008-10-30 Koji Arailha-test.in: print All OK if it is so.
2008-10-30 Koji AraiOn HP-UX 11.23, discard warning message for non-eol...
2008-10-30 Koji AraiOn HP-UX 11.23, "chmod -R" cannot change the file permi...
2008-10-30 Koji Araishould define MIN() when it was not defined
2008-10-30 Koji Araicannot operate ++ for void pointer
2008-10-24 Koji AraiEnclosed the INSTALL file for European.
2008-10-23 Koji Araifixed a bug for timestamp archiving feature
2008-10-03 Koji Araiupdated ChangeLog, configure.ac, man/lha.1 for timestam...
2008-09-10 Koji Araimaketree2() should refer the tree1 info at first.
2008-09-09 Koji AraiFixed bug: uninitialized variable has been used in...
2008-08-30 Koji Arairefined. global tree1, tree2 and struct tree are hidden...
2008-08-30 Koji Araishould check the tree1 value
2008-08-30 Koji Araisymmetry
2008-08-30 Koji Araishould start with mindepth
2008-08-29 Koji Araishould use header->method instead of permission for...
2008-08-29 Koji Arailha-test19 is added for timestamping archive feature
2008-08-27 Koji Arairemade the timestamping archive patch
2008-08-27 Koji AraiMerge commit 'origin' into timestamping
2008-08-27 Koji Araishould check the Kraft's inequality for tree
2008-08-23 Koji Arairefined
2008-08-23 Koji Araire-indent for pm2 source by GNU indent.
2008-08-23 Koji Araiapplied timestamping archive patch
2008-08-22 Koji Araiseek_lha_header() should search the PMA archive
2008-08-22 Koji Araiconfig.h (or lha.h) should be included at the top of...
2008-08-22 Koji AraiMerge commit 'origin/master' into pmarc
2008-08-22 Koji Arai* src/lhext.c (cmd_extract): stream position was adjust...
2008-08-20 Koji Araiupdated cproto.sh for PMA
2008-08-20 Koji Araisupport PMA file decoding
2008-08-19 Koji Araiupdate Hacking_of_LHa
2008-08-04 Koji Arai* src/larc.c (decode_start_lz5): should use the dtext...
2008-08-03 Koji AraiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://kuro-box/home/arai/publi...
2008-08-03 Koji AraiMerge branch 'master' of /home/arai/public_html/lha
2008-08-03 Koji Arai* src/header.c (convert_filename): Fixed a bug:
2008-07-16 Koji Araiupdate Hacking_of_LHa
2008-07-15 Koji Araiupdate Hacking_of_LHa
2008-06-25 Koji Araiupdate Hacking_of_LHa
2008-06-24 Koji Araiupdate Hacking_of_LHa
2008-05-14 Koji AraiThe -t command should not affect extracting file attrib...
2008-05-14 Koji Araiadded a long option --debug=dumplzss which display...
2008-03-10 araiadd_dirinfo() no longer suppose that contents of the...
2008-03-08 araiman/lha.1: correct the description about the -m command.
2008-03-05 araiman/lha.1 was changed a little and the BUGS section...
2008-03-05 araiman/lha.1 was corrected by Stanislav Brabec.
2008-03-05 araishould treat "-ab" as "-a -b" for shortopts="-a[0123]b".
2008-03-02 araiman/lha.1 is refined
2008-03-02 araishould remove duplicated slash
2008-03-02 araiadded new manual page in English.
2008-03-02 araicorrect English
2008-02-16 araifixed.
2008-02-16 araicould not extract files under readonly directories.
2008-02-05 araimake it possible to add archive suffixes.
2007-09-09 araithe function `put_longword()' should be used the ANSI...
2007-09-08 araiAdded tests for extract large files.
2007-09-08 araiFix a bug: Could not extract 2G over files.
2007-09-05 arai00readme.autoconf: Added description for the -b switch...
2007-09-04 araiuse the length modifier `ll' (%llu) for printing 64bit...
2007-09-04 araiupdate prototypes.h using cproto
2007-09-04 araipossible to extract 4G over files
2007-05-23 araitest script was improved.
2007-05-23 araiAdded an option ignoring Mac specific files
2007-05-23 arai.gitignore added for the Git.
2007-05-20 araiFixed file permission
2007-05-20 arai* tests/lha-test12: should not use the raw CR code.
2007-02-24 arai* src/lharc.c (print_tiny_usage, parse_suboption):...