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* src/lharc.c (main): use xrealloc().
[lha/lha.git] / src / lharc.c
2002-05-18 arai* src/lharc.c (main): use xrealloc().
2002-05-18 arai* src/lharc.c: use xstrdup() instead of strdup().
2002-05-18 arai* src/lhadd.c (build_temporary_file): no use SIGHUP...
2002-05-17 arai* lharc.c (main): use xmalloc().
2001-01-29 araireplace MKSTEMP with HAVE_MKSTEMP.
2001-01-29 araimerged changing from lha-1.14f to lha-1.14i.
1999-09-30 araiuse the autoconf/automake
1999-08-28 araiInitial revision