OSDN Git Service

support cmigemo as an alternative to migemo-client
[howm/howm.git] / doc / README-j.html
2018-09-29 Hiraokasupport cmigemo as an alternative to migemo-client
2018-02-23 HIRAOKA Kazuyukifix: howm-menu-fr.el was not updated in 2b58490
2018-02-12 HIRAOKA Kazuyukidelete obsolete CVS keywords "$Id"
2018-02-12 HIRAOKA Kazuyukiadd contributor's name (Yassine-san) into Changelog
2018-02-12 HIRAOKA Kazuyukiadd French menu
2018-01-02 HIRAOKA Kazuyukiupdate URL (http://howm ==> https://howm)
2018-01-02 HIRAOKA Kazuyukiupdate URL (sj.jp ==> osdn.jp)
2016-12-31 HIRAOKA Kazuyukiupdate docs for 1.4.4
2016-09-28 HIRAOKA Kazuyukiadd option to change default for incomplete dates
2016-03-31 HIRAOKA Kazuyukicopy old 'master' branch (c3a8f31) just after test160101