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[howm/howm.git] / Makefile.in
2018-09-29 Hiraokaupdate autotools
2018-02-12 HIRAOKA Kazuyukidelete obsolete CVS keywords "$Id"
2018-02-12 HIRAOKA Kazuyukiadd French menu
2017-12-27 HIRAOKA Kazuyukimove contents of howm-version.el to howm.el for simplicity
2017-12-26 HIRAOKA Kazuyukisimply use autotools macro to set version numbers in...
2017-12-25 HIRAOKA Kazuyukiupdate version string in header comments for MELPA
2016-03-31 HIRAOKA Kazuyukicopy old 'master' branch (c3a8f31) just after test160101