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テンプレート&ソースをsrc、既存の完成品をhtdocsに分離。 / Separate template and source to src, existing...
authorDeskull <desull@users.sourceforge.jp>
Sat, 17 Mar 2018 03:22:37 +0000 (12:22 +0900)
committerDeskull <desull@users.sourceforge.jp>
Sat, 17 Mar 2018 03:22:37 +0000 (12:22 +0900)
テンプレート&ソースをsrc、既存の完成品をhtdocsに分離。 / Separate template and source to src, existing finished contents to htdocs.
28 files changed:
htdocs/2touryu.gif [moved from 2touryu.gif with 100% similarity]
htdocs/Changelogs.txt [moved from Changelogs.txt with 96% similarity]
htdocs/Melkor.png [moved from Melkor.png with 100% similarity]
htdocs/atata.gif [moved from atata.gif with 100% similarity]
htdocs/battle.gif [moved from battle.gif with 100% similarity]
htdocs/bugs.html [moved from bugs.html with 96% similarity]
htdocs/changes.html [moved from changes.html with 97% similarity]
htdocs/download.html [moved from download.html with 97% similarity]
htdocs/gridbug.html [moved from gridbug.html with 98% similarity]
htdocs/hengband.css [moved from hengband.css with 92% similarity]
htdocs/hengband_title.png [moved from hengband_title.png with 100% similarity]
htdocs/history.html [moved from history.html with 98% similarity]
htdocs/index.html [moved from index.html with 96% similarity]
htdocs/jlicense.txt [moved from jlicense.txt with 97% similarity]
htdocs/jouba.gif [moved from jouba.gif with 100% similarity]
htdocs/link.html [moved from link.html with 97% similarity]
htdocs/lists.html [moved from lists.html with 97% similarity]
htdocs/motoneta.html [moved from motoneta.html with 97% similarity]
htdocs/popularity.html [moved from popularity.html with 98% similarity]
htdocs/readme.txt [moved from readme.txt with 97% similarity]
htdocs/score.html [moved from score.html with 97% similarity]
htdocs/tama.gif [moved from tama.gif with 100% similarity]
htdocs/todo.html [moved from todo.html with 96% similarity]
htdocs/x11sc.gif [moved from x11sc.gif with 100% similarity]
htdocs/x11scs.gif [moved from x11scs.gif with 100% similarity]
src/md/history.md [moved from md/history.md with 100% similarity]
src/md/history.txt [moved from md/history.txt with 98% similarity]
src/template.html [moved from templete.html with 100% similarity]