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[fukui-no-namari/fukui-no-namari.git] / src / hage1
2006-08-23 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd saving and restoring windows
2006-08-22 Aiwota ProgrammerIntroduce uri opener.
2006-08-22 Aiwota Programmerbrdlist and brdlist window are scratched, and will...
2006-08-21 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd dbus support.
2006-08-21 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd command line arguments.
2006-08-20 Aiwota ProgrammerExit when all windows are destroyed. Add board list...
2006-08-19 Aiwota ProgrammerUse gconf for getting board host name from board id
2006-08-10 Aiwota ProgrammerInitial commit