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Replace PangoLayout with ResLayout.
[fukui-no-namari/fukui-no-namari.git] / src / FukuiNoNamari /
2007-12-23 Aiwota ProgrammerReplace PangoLayout with ResLayout.
2007-12-12 Aiwota Programmertweak jump position on resizing ThreadView (minor chang...
2007-12-12 Aiwota Programmerprevent view pos jump on resizing Thread Window.
2007-12-12 Aiwota Programmernot connect size-allocate on threadview, connect config...
2007-12-12 Aiwota ProgrammerFix: set wrap mode WRAP_CHAR, fix commit 9e3ca95a34bc5f...
2007-12-12 Aiwota Programmernot write to adjustment.value of threadview, use vscrol...
2007-12-12 Aiwota ProgrammerFix: spell miss of commit fbac42a0d137286b9320842ad465a...
2007-12-12 Aiwota Programmerpropagate the scroll event from threadview to vscrollbar
2007-12-11 Aiwota Programmercreate popupmenu for threadview.
2007-12-11 Aiwota ProgrammerFix: cannot jump on uri click
2007-12-11 Aiwota Programmerimplement uri click event
2007-12-11 Aiwota Programmerchange the mouse cursor according to text area, uri...
2007-12-11 Aiwota Programmerdisuse res queue
2007-12-09 Aiwota Programmerhide or show vscrollbar.
2007-12-09 Aiwota Programmerprevent adjustment.value overflow
2007-12-09 Aiwota Programmernot relayout pango layout list when adding pango layout.
2007-12-08 Aiwota Programmerseparate DrawingArea
2007-12-08 Aiwota Programmerdecoration, bold, margin left, uri
2007-12-08 Aiwota Programmerreplace scrolled window and viewport with hbox and...
2007-12-08 Aiwota Programmerinitialize pango layout list
2007-12-08 Aiwota Programmerimplement jump
2007-12-08 Aiwota Programmerrelayout when size change.
2007-12-08 Aiwota Programmerreplace GtkTextView with DrawingArea.
2007-05-05 Aiwota ProgrammerFollow DBus updates. Default value of arguments may...
2007-05-05 Aiwota ProgrammerExecute the treeview sort in try block.
2007-05-05 Aiwota ProgrammerReplace line feed.
2007-05-05 Aiwota ProgrammerUse gtk.gdk.threads_enter and gtk.gdk.threads_leave...
2006-09-30 Aiwota ProgrammerVersion number up. Add NEWS. Edit doc. v0.2
2006-09-30 Aiwota ProgrammerNew column oldRes.
2006-09-30 Aiwota ProgrammerEnable to get dictionaries in the data store.
2006-09-29 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd BoardPluginBase and export widget_tree.
2006-09-28 Aiwota ProgrammerReduce traceback.
2006-09-25 Aiwota ProgrammerForgot the copyright notice.
2006-09-25 Aiwota ProgrammerCache exceptions. not trace IOError.
2006-09-25 Aiwota ProgrammerFix a bug. miss exceptions.
2006-09-24 Aiwota ProgrammerFix a bug. posibility of float.
2006-09-24 Aiwota ProgrammerNot load idx files when update, and convert lastModifie...
2006-09-24 Aiwota ProgrammerSeperate restore code to board_states.py.
2006-09-24 Aiwota ProgrammerUse writelines.
2006-09-24 Aiwota ProgrammerRe implement idxfile.py.
2006-09-24 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd FileWrap.writelines.
2006-09-24 Aiwota ProgrammerRe implement cachefile.py
2006-09-24 Aiwota ProgrammerFix a bug.
2006-09-24 Aiwota ProgrammerDestroy popupmenu and treeview columns.
2006-09-24 Aiwota ProgrammerClose window after submit complete.
2006-09-22 Aiwota ProgrammerHide progress bar on idle.
2006-09-21 Aiwota ProgrammerRe implement board_data._load_modified_idxfiles.
2006-09-21 Aiwota ProgrammerUse progressbar of board window.
2006-09-21 Aiwota ProgrammerAccept mode.
2006-09-21 Aiwota ProgrammerRe implement misc.httpdate_to_secs. use datetime.
2006-09-20 Aiwota ProgrammerFix a bug #9020.
2006-09-19 Aiwota ProgrammerRearrange board_window.WinWrap.restore.
2006-09-19 Aiwota ProgrammerUse generator.
2006-09-19 Aiwota ProgrammerRearrange. changes are individual, do not effect other...
2006-09-19 Aiwota ProgrammerRearrange. logic is not changed.
2006-09-19 Aiwota ProgrammerChange widget name and signal handler name.
2006-09-18 Aiwota ProgrammerSeparate tree view column specification to board_column.py.
2006-09-18 Aiwota ProgrammerEnable to add custom sort function.
2006-09-18 Aiwota ProgrammerMake sort exception safer.
2006-09-18 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd board plugin.
2006-09-18 Aiwota ProgrammerMake Filter exception safer.
2006-09-17 Aiwota ProgrammerFix a bug. import module.
2006-09-16 Aiwota ProgrammerChange regular expression for res matching and jbbs...
2006-09-16 Aiwota ProgrammerEnable to reload whitelist file by dbus.
2006-09-15 Aiwota ProgrammerFor install.
2006-09-15 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd res popup.
2006-09-15 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd User-Agent.
2006-09-15 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd bookmark.
2006-09-15 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd thread log delete.
2006-09-15 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd clear button for fliterbar.
2006-09-15 Aiwota ProgrammerUri matching looser.
2006-09-11 Aiwota ProgrammerUse the time of thread starting for post form.
2006-09-11 Aiwota Programmerresponse html parser.
2006-09-11 Aiwota ProgrammerPrint decoded form data.
2006-09-10 Aiwota ProgrammerUse bbs type globally. support jbbs.
2006-09-09 Aiwota ProgrammerReduce submit window using bbs type.
2006-09-09 Aiwota ProgrammerFix bugs. not include "." in regular expression. import...
2006-09-08 Aiwota ProgrammerMake bbs type little massive.
2006-09-08 Aiwota ProgrammerFix a bug.
2006-09-08 Aiwota ProgrammerNow support almost all 2ch-like bbs.
2006-09-08 Aiwota Programmersupport yy kakiko.
2006-09-08 Aiwota Programmerbbs type subclass ok.
2006-09-08 Aiwota ProgrammerUse bbs type widely.
2006-09-06 Aiwota ProgrammerFix window size does not restore. use idle_add again...
2006-09-06 Aiwota ProgrammerHide the bars after showing the window. not use gobject...
2006-09-06 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd filterbar.
2006-09-05 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd HTTP header output.
2006-09-05 Aiwota ProgrammerAverage column is changed to float.
2006-09-04 Aiwota ProgrammerFix cpu 100%. avoid inserting large data with leftmargi...
2006-09-04 Aiwota ProgrammerRe imprement board_data.
2006-09-04 Aiwota ProgrammerAdd showing http status.
2006-09-04 Aiwota ProgrammerMove ThreadInvoker and FileWrap to misc.py
2006-09-03 Aiwota ProgrammerPrevent textview from scrolling when dropping.
2006-09-02 Aiwota ProgrammerReimprement regist and unregist a window to session.
2006-09-01 Aiwota ProgrammerImprove treeview performance.
2006-08-31 Aiwota ProgrammerFix toolbar always show.
2006-08-31 Aiwota Programmerstep two, modify script.
2006-08-31 Aiwota Programmerstep one, change file name.