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[ffftp/ffftp.git] / socketwrapper.h
2012-02-19 s_kawamotoFix bugs of socket connection.
2011-12-26 s_kawamotoAdd test code for SFTP (still useless).
2011-11-15 s_kawamotoAdd support for SSL root CA certificates (please put...
2011-11-14 s_kawamotoFix bugs of routines for IPv6.
2011-11-13 s_kawamotoAdd routines for SSL root CA certificates.
2011-10-31 s_kawamotoEnhanced routine for simultaneous connection and cancel...
2011-10-15 s_kawamotoFix bugs of asyncronous socket control.
2011-10-14 s_kawamotoAdd dialog to confirm certificate for SSL (experimental).
2011-10-12 s_kawamotoFix line feed codes.
2011-09-16 s_kawamotoConvert source codes' encoding to UTF-8.
2011-09-11 s_kawamotoFix bugs of UTF-8 to UTF-16 API bridge.