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Add test code for SFTP (still useless).
[ffftp/ffftp.git] / putty / Release / PuTTY.dll
2011-12-26 s_kawamotoAdd test code for SFTP (still useless).
2011-12-10 s_kawamotoUpdate PuTTY to 0.62.
2011-12-03 s_kawamotoAdd support for 64 bit Windows.
2011-11-23 s_kawamotoRemove limits for multi CPUs.
2011-11-07 s_kawamotoFix bugs of decoding INI files.
2011-11-05 s_kawamotoUpdate to 25262d6da000ac0d10f84c5aa75e33166f9fa05b...
2011-10-28 s_kawamotoChange behavior of checking closed sockets for some...
2011-10-25 s_kawamotoAdd VC++ Project files for PuTTY DLL without exported...