OSDN Git Service

Add support for MLSD responses from some broken hosts.
[ffftp/ffftp.git] / mbswrapper.h
2011-12-12 s_kawamotoAdded support for displaying icons in the local file...
2011-12-03 s_kawamotoFix bugs of UTF-8 to UTF-16 API bridge.
2011-11-29 s_kawamotoChange the character code of windows into UTF-16 comple...
2011-11-10 s_kawamotoEnhance behavior of automatic detection for Kanji code...
2011-11-10 s_kawamotoChange to encode reply messages with Kanji code of...
2011-11-07 s_kawamotoFix bugs of decoding INI files.
2011-11-04 s_kawamotoFix bugs of UTF-8 to UTF-16 API bridge.
2011-10-15 s_kawamotoFix bugs of copying URL to clipboard.
2011-10-13 s_kawamotoFix bugs of playing sound.
2011-10-12 s_kawamotoFix line feed codes.
2011-10-03 s_kawamotoFix bugs process protection.
2011-09-29 s_kawamotoAdd support for process protection (prevents from loadi...
2011-09-22 s_kawamotoFix bugs of UTF-8 to UTF-16 API bridge.
2011-09-19 s_kawamotoThis version is stable.
2011-09-19 s_kawamotoAdd support for simultaneous connection for file transf...
2011-09-16 s_kawamotoConvert source codes' encoding to UTF-8.
2011-09-15 s_kawamotoFix small bugs (they usually do not occur).
2011-09-12 s_kawamotoThis version may be nearly stable.
2011-09-09 s_kawamotoFix bugs of text encoding routines.
2011-09-08 s_kawamotoAdd UTF-8 to UTF-16 API bridge.