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Change behavior of automatic IPv4/IPv6 selection.
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2012-02-18 s_kawamotoChange behavior of automatic IPv4/IPv6 selection.
2012-02-18 s_kawamotoModify documents.
2012-02-07 s_kawamotoModify documents.
2012-01-16 s_kawamotoModify documents.
2011-12-12 s_kawamotoAdded support for displaying icons in the local file...
2011-11-23 s_kawamotoUpdate to 6fe24d210e4c0a798422445c04170ebb89a0b240...
2011-11-18 s_kawamotoModify documents for 1.98d.
2011-11-18 s_kawamotoAdd support for retrying file transfer.
2011-11-16 s_kawamotoAdd support for dummy commands for keep alive.
2011-11-15 s_kawamotoAdd support for SSL root CA certificates (please put...
2011-11-14 s_kawamotoFix bugs of routines for IPv6.
2011-11-12 s_kawamotoFix bugs of routines for IPv6.
2011-11-12 s_kawamotoAdd support for IPv6 (not tested).
2011-11-05 s_kawamotoUpdate to 25262d6da000ac0d10f84c5aa75e33166f9fa05b...
2011-11-04 s_kawamotoModify documents.
2011-10-31 s_kawamotoFix bugs of corruption on resuming downloading files...
2011-10-18 s_kawamotoModify documents for 1.99.
2011-10-16 s_kawamotoModify documents.
2011-10-16 s_kawamotoModify documents.
2011-10-14 s_kawamotoModify documents for 1.99.
2011-10-13 s_kawamotoUpdate to 5b5ec56126af820b2d3c86e94ce4c056bf3b9904...
2011-10-06 s_kawamotoChange documents and version data for 1.99.
2011-10-05 s_kawamotoUpdate to f8475368ad26b783d2c8d1605e1223107c50f874...