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Change behavior of automatic IPv4/IPv6 selection.
[ffftp/ffftp.git] / FFFTP_English.vc90.vcproj
2012-02-18 s_kawamotoChange behavior of automatic IPv4/IPv6 selection.
2012-02-09 s_kawamotoFix project files.
2012-01-20 s_kawamotoAdd new tools for encoding literal messages into UTF-8.
2012-01-19 s_kawamotoRestore project files temporarily.
2012-01-18 Moriguchi, HirokazuAdd 'u8' macro and msgutil module for UTF-8 string...
2011-12-03 s_kawamotoAdd support for 64 bit Windows.
2011-11-10 s_kawamotoChange to encode reply messages with Kanji code of...
2011-11-07 s_kawamotoFix bugs of decoding INI files.
2011-10-25 s_kawamotoAdd VC++ Project files for PuTTY DLL without exported...
2011-10-21 s_kawamotoAdd support for encoding multi-byte domain name to...
2011-10-12 s_kawamotoFix line feed codes.
2011-10-11 s_kawamotoChange UI to enter a new master password.
2011-10-05 s_kawamotoUpdate to f8475368ad26b783d2c8d1605e1223107c50f874...
2011-10-03 s_kawamotoFix bugs process protection.
2011-09-29 s_kawamotoAdd support for process protection (prevents from loadi...
2011-09-19 s_kawamotoAdd support for simultaneous connection for file transf...
2011-09-16 s_kawamotoConvert source codes' encoding to UTF-8.
2011-09-13 s_kawamotoThis version may be nearly stable.
2011-09-11 s_kawamotoFix bugs of UTF-8 to UTF-16 API bridge.
2011-09-08 s_kawamotoAdd UTF-8 to UTF-16 API bridge.
2011-09-05 s_kawamotoBug fix