# -*- makefile -*- # # This file describes which PuTTY programs are made up from which # object and resource files. It is processed into the various # Makefiles by means of a Perl script. Makefile changes should # really be made by editing this file and/or the Perl script, not # by editing the actual Makefiles. # ------------------------------------------------------------ # Top-level configuration. # Overall project name. !name putty # Locations and types of output Makefiles. !makefile vc windows/Makefile.vc !makefile vcproj windows/MSVC !makefile cygwin windows/Makefile.cyg !makefile borland windows/Makefile.bor !makefile lcc windows/Makefile.lcc !makefile gtk unix/Makefile.gtk !makefile unix unix/Makefile.ux !makefile ac unix/Makefile.in !makefile osx macosx/Makefile !makefile devcppproj windows/DEVCPP # Source directories. !srcdir charset/ !srcdir windows/ !srcdir unix/ !srcdir macosx/ # Help text added to the top of each Makefile, with /D converted # into -D as appropriate for the particular Makefile. !begin help # # Extra options you can set: # # - VER="/DSNAPSHOT=1999-01-25 /DSVN_REV=1234" # Generates executables whose About box report them as being a # development snapshot. SVN_REV is a Subversion revision number. # # - VER=/DRELEASE=0.43 # Generates executables whose About box report them as being a # release version. # # - COMPAT=/DAUTO_WINSOCK (Windows only) # Causes PuTTY to assume that includes its own WinSock # header file, so that it won't try to include . # # - COMPAT=/DWINSOCK_TWO (Windows only) # Causes the PuTTY utilities to include instead of # , except Plink which _needs_ WinSock 2 so it already # does this. # # - COMPAT=/DNO_SECURITY (Windows only) # Disables Pageant's use of , which is not available # with some development environments (such as older versions of # the Cygwin/mingw GNU toolchain). This means that Pageant # won't care about the local user ID of processes accessing it; a # version of Pageant built with this option will therefore refuse # to run under NT-series OSes on security grounds (although it # will run fine on Win95-series OSes where there is no access # control anyway). # # - COMPAT=/DNO_MULTIMON (Windows only) # Disables PuTTY's use of , which is not available # with some development environments. This means that PuTTY's # full-screen mode (configurable to work on Alt-Enter) will # not behave usefully in a multi-monitor environment. # # Note that this definition is always enabled in the Cygwin # build, since at the time of writing this is # known not to be available in Cygwin. # # - COMPAT=/DNO_HTMLHELP (Windows only) # Disables PuTTY's use of , which is not available # with some development environments. The resulting binary # will only look for an old-style WinHelp file (.HLP/.CNT), and # will ignore any .CHM file. # # Note that this definition is always enabled in the Cygwin # build, since at the time of writing this is # known not to be available in Cygwin (although you can use # the htmlhelp.h supplied with HTML Help Workshop). # # - RCFL=/DNO_MANIFESTS (Windows only) # Disables inclusion of XML application manifests in the PuTTY # binaries. This may be necessary to build for 64-bit Windows; # the manifests are only included to use the XP GUI style on # Windows XP, and the architecture tags are a lie on 64-bit. # # - COMPAT=/DNO_IPV6 # Disables PuTTY's ability to make IPv6 connections, enabling # it to compile under development environments which do not # support IPv6 in their header files. # # - COMPAT=/DNO_GSSAPI # Disables PuTTY's ability to use GSSAPI functions for # authentication and key exchange. # # - COMPAT=/DSTATIC_GSSAPI # Causes PuTTY to try to link statically against the GSSAPI # library instead of the default of doing it at run time. # # - COMPAT=/DMSVC4 (Windows only) # - RCFL=/DMSVC4 # Makes a couple of minor changes so that PuTTY compiles using # MSVC 4. You will also need /DNO_SECURITY and /DNO_MULTIMON. # # - RCFL=/DASCIICTLS (Windows only) # Uses ASCII rather than Unicode to specify the tab control in # the resource file. Probably most useful when compiling with # Cygnus/mingw32, whose resource compiler may have less of a # problem with it. # # - XFLAGS=/DTELNET_DEFAULT # Causes PuTTY to default to the Telnet protocol (in the absence # of Default Settings and so on to the contrary). Normally PuTTY # will default to SSH. # # - XFLAGS=/DDEBUG # Causes PuTTY to enable internal debugging. # # - XFLAGS=/DMALLOC_LOG # Causes PuTTY to emit a file called putty_mem.log, logging every # memory allocation and free, so you can track memory leaks. # # - XFLAGS=/DMINEFIELD (Windows only) # Causes PuTTY to use a custom memory allocator, similar in # concept to Electric Fence, in place of regular malloc(). Wastes # huge amounts of RAM, but should cause heap-corruption bugs to # show up as GPFs at the point of failure rather than appearing # later on as second-level damage. # !end # ------------------------------------------------------------ # Additional text added verbatim to each individual Makefile. # Hack to force version.o to be rebuilt always. !begin vc version.obj: *.c *.h *.rc cl $(VER) $(CFLAGS) /c ..\version.c !end !specialobj vc version !begin cygwin version.o: FORCE $(CC) $(COMPAT) $(XFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) $(VER) -c ../version.c !end !specialobj cygwin version !begin borland version.obj: FORCE bcc32 $(VER) $(CFLAGS) /c ..\version.c !end !specialobj borland version !begin lcc version.obj: FORCE lcc $(VER) $(CFLAGS) /c ..\version.c !end !specialobj lcc version # For Unix, we also need the gross MD5 hack that causes automatic # version number selection in release source archives. !begin gtk version.o: FORCE if test -z "$(VER)" && (cd ..; md5sum -c manifest); then \ $(CC) $(COMPAT) $(XFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) `cat ../version.def` -c ../version.c; \ else \ $(CC) $(COMPAT) $(XFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) $(VER) -c ../version.c; \ fi !end !specialobj gtk version # Add VER to Windows resource targets, and force them to be rebuilt every # time, on the assumption that they will contain version information. !begin vc vars CFLAGS = $(CFLAGS) /DHAS_GSSAPI /DSECURITY_WIN32 RCFLAGS = $(RCFLAGS) $(VER) !end !begin cygwin vars # XXX GNU-ism, but it's probably all right for a Cygwin/MinGW Makefile. RCFLAGS += $(patsubst -D%,--define %,$(VER)) !end !begin borland vars # Borland doesn't support +=. This probably shouldn't work, but seems to. RCFLAGS = $(RCFLAGS) $(VER) !end !begin lcc vars RCFLAGS += $(VER) !end !forceobj putty.res !forceobj puttytel.res !forceobj plink.res !forceobj pscp.res !forceobj psftp.res !forceobj pageant.res !forceobj puttygen.res # `make install' target for Unix. !begin gtk install: mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir) $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -m 755 plink $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/plink $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -m 755 pscp $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pscp $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -m 755 psftp $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/psftp $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -m 755 pterm $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pterm if test -n "$(UTMP_GROUP)"; then \ chgrp $(UTMP_GROUP) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pterm && \ chmod 2755 $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pterm; \ elif test -n "$(UTMP_USER)"; then \ chown $(UTMP_USER) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pterm && \ chmod 4755 $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pterm; \ fi $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -m 755 putty $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/putty $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -m 755 puttygen $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/puttygen $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -m 755 puttytel $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/puttytel $(INSTALL_DATA) -m 644 ../doc/plink.1 $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir)/plink.1 $(INSTALL_DATA) -m 644 ../doc/pscp.1 $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir)/pscp.1 $(INSTALL_DATA) -m 644 ../doc/psftp.1 $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir)/psftp.1 $(INSTALL_DATA) -m 644 ../doc/pterm.1 $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir)/pterm.1 $(INSTALL_DATA) -m 644 ../doc/putty.1 $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir)/putty.1 $(INSTALL_DATA) -m 644 ../doc/puttygen.1 $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir)/puttygen.1 $(INSTALL_DATA) -m 644 ../doc/puttytel.1 $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir)/puttytel.1 install-strip: $(MAKE) install INSTALL_PROGRAM="$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -s" !end !begin osx vars CFLAGS += -DMACOSX !end # Random symbols. !begin cygwin vars # _WIN32_IE is required to expose identifiers that only make sense on # systems with IE5+ installed, such as some arguments to SHGetFolderPath(). # WINVER etc perform a similar function for FlashWindowEx(). CFLAGS += -D_WIN32_IE=0x0500 CFLAGS += -DWINVER=0x0500 -D_WIN32_WINDOWS=0x0410 -D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0500 !end # ------------------------------------------------------------ # Definitions of object groups. A group name, followed by an =, # followed by any number of objects or other already-defined group # names. A line beginning `+' is assumed to continue the previous # line. # Terminal emulator and its (platform-independent) dependencies. TERMINAL = terminal wcwidth ldiscucs logging tree234 minibidi + config dialog # GUI front end and terminal emulator (putty, puttytel). GUITERM = TERMINAL window windlg winctrls sizetip winucs winprint + winutils wincfg sercfg winhelp winjump # Same thing on Unix. UXTERM = TERMINAL uxcfg sercfg uxucs uxprint timing GTKTERM = UXTERM gtkwin gtkcfg gtkdlg gtkfont gtkcols xkeysym OSXTERM = UXTERM osxwin osxdlg osxctrls # Non-SSH back ends (putty, puttytel, plink). NONSSH = telnet raw rlogin ldisc pinger # SSH back end (putty, plink, pscp, psftp). SSH = ssh sshcrc sshdes sshmd5 sshrsa sshrand sshsha sshblowf + sshdh sshcrcda sshpubk sshzlib sshdss x11fwd portfwd + sshaes sshsh256 sshsh512 sshbn wildcard pinger ssharcf + sshgssc pgssapi WINSSH = SSH winnoise winpgntc wingss UXSSH = SSH uxnoise uxagentc uxgss # SFTP implementation (pscp, psftp). SFTP = sftp int64 logging # Miscellaneous objects appearing in all the network utilities (not # Pageant or PuTTYgen). MISC = timing misc version settings tree234 proxy WINMISC = MISC winstore winnet winhandl cmdline windefs winmisc winproxy + wintime UXMISC = MISC uxstore uxsel uxnet cmdline uxmisc uxproxy time OSXMISC = MISC uxstore uxsel osxsel uxnet uxmisc uxproxy time # Character set library, for use in pterm. CHARSET = sbcsdat slookup sbcs utf8 toucs fromucs xenc mimeenc macenc localenc # Standard libraries. LIBS = advapi32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib comctl32.lib comdlg32.lib + shell32.lib winmm.lib imm32.lib winspool.lib ole32.lib # Network backend sets. This also brings in the relevant attachment # to proxy.c depending on whether we're crypto-avoidant or not. BE_ALL = be_all cproxy BE_NOSSH = be_nossh nocproxy BE_SSH = be_ssh cproxy BE_NONE = be_none nocproxy # More backend sets, with the additional Windows serial-port module. W_BE_ALL = be_all_s winser cproxy W_BE_NOSSH = be_nos_s winser nocproxy # And with the Unix serial-port module. U_BE_ALL = be_all_s uxser cproxy U_BE_NOSSH = be_nos_s uxser nocproxy # ------------------------------------------------------------ # Definitions of actual programs. The program name, followed by a # colon, followed by a list of objects. Also in the list may be the # keywords [G] for Windows GUI app, [C] for Console app, [X] for # X/GTK Unix app, [U] for command-line Unix app. putty : [G] GUITERM NONSSH WINSSH W_BE_ALL WINMISC winx11 putty.res LIBS puttytel : [G] GUITERM NONSSH W_BE_NOSSH WINMISC puttytel.res nogss LIBS plink : [C] winplink wincons NONSSH WINSSH W_BE_ALL logging WINMISC + winx11 plink.res winnojmp LIBS pscp : [C] pscp winsftp wincons WINSSH BE_SSH SFTP wildcard WINMISC + pscp.res winnojmp LIBS psftp : [C] psftp winsftp wincons WINSSH BE_SSH SFTP wildcard WINMISC + psftp.res winnojmp LIBS pageant : [G] winpgnt sshrsa sshpubk sshdes sshbn sshmd5 version tree234 + misc sshaes sshsha winpgntc sshdss sshsh256 sshsh512 winutils + winmisc winhelp pageant.res LIBS puttygen : [G] winpgen sshrsag sshdssg sshprime sshdes sshbn sshmd5 version + sshrand winnoise sshsha winstore misc winctrls sshrsa sshdss winmisc + sshpubk sshaes sshsh256 sshsh512 import winutils puttygen.res + tree234 notiming winhelp winnojmp LIBS wintime pterm : [X] GTKTERM uxmisc misc ldisc settings uxpty uxsel BE_NONE uxstore + uxsignal CHARSET cmdline uxpterm version time xpmpterm xpmptcfg + nogss putty : [X] GTKTERM uxmisc misc ldisc settings uxsel U_BE_ALL uxstore + uxsignal CHARSET uxputty NONSSH UXSSH UXMISC ux_x11 xpmputty + xpmpucfg puttytel : [X] GTKTERM uxmisc misc ldisc settings uxsel U_BE_NOSSH + uxstore uxsignal CHARSET uxputty NONSSH UXMISC xpmputty xpmpucfg + nogss plink : [U] uxplink uxcons NONSSH UXSSH U_BE_ALL logging UXMISC uxsignal + ux_x11 puttygen : [U] cmdgen sshrsag sshdssg sshprime sshdes sshbn sshmd5 version + sshrand uxnoise sshsha misc sshrsa sshdss uxcons uxstore uxmisc + sshpubk sshaes sshsh256 sshsh512 import puttygen.res time tree234 + uxgen notiming pscp : [U] pscp uxsftp uxcons UXSSH BE_SSH SFTP wildcard UXMISC psftp : [U] psftp uxsftp uxcons UXSSH BE_SSH SFTP wildcard UXMISC PuTTY : [MX] osxmain OSXTERM OSXMISC CHARSET U_BE_ALL NONSSH UXSSH + ux_x11 uxpty uxsignal testback putty.icns info.plist