OSDN Git Service

2017-02-20 平田健悟Merge branch 'master' of git.osdn.net:/gitroot/eos... master v0.3.0p0062
2017-02-20 平田健悟Modified: Upload, Command execution
2017-02-13 平田健悟modified work space
2017-02-02 平田健悟Add initEnv.sh for first trial after download.
2017-02-02 平田健悟Debug: workspace
2016-04-03 himetani_cafeDeleted hoge.js v0.3.0p0059
2016-04-03 himetani_cafeImplemeted Console service
2016-03-13 himetani_cafe[TMP] before create Console service
2016-02-29 himetani_cafeCreate console area computed from CSS style pixels v0.3.0p0058
2016-02-27 himetani_cafeModify command directive html to be more cool v0.3.0p0057
2016-02-27 himetani_cafeAdd margin at displaying command execution panel v0.3.0p0056
2016-02-27 himetani_cafeModified indent of zephyr command help output v0.3.0p0055
2016-02-25 himetani_cafeBind HeaderMenuController to HeaderMenu directive v0.3.0p0054
2016-02-21 himetani_cafetmp
2016-02-21 himetani_cafe[Development and Manual test] showing help correctly v0.3.0p0053
2016-02-19 himetani_cafe[Develop and Manual Test] show help with websocket v0.3.0p0052
2016-02-18 himetani_cafe[TMP] UI of websocket messaging v0.3.0p0051
2016-02-18 himetani_cafe[Develop] /api/v1/debug for debugging websocket messaging v0.3.0p0050
2016-02-18 himetani_cafe[TMP] Before developing command exectuion UI view. v0.3.0p0049
2016-02-17 himetani_cafe[Develop] WebSocket is connected. v0.3.0p0048
2016-02-17 himetani_cafe[TMP] Before implement websocket at front-end v0.3.0p0047
2016-02-10 himetani_cafe[TMP] preview Modal v0.3.0p0046
2016-02-08 himetani_cafe[Develop ang manual test] TagFilter at SelectCommand... v0.3.0p0045
2016-02-08 himetani_cafe[TMP] before developing custom filter
2016-02-08 himetani_cafe[Develop and manual test] /api/v1/commandList v0.3.0p0044
2016-02-08 himetani_cafe[Develop and Manual test] /api/v1/tagList v0.3.0p0043
2016-02-08 himetani_cafeChange endpoint from /api/optionControlFile/:command to v0.3.0p0042
2016-02-08 himetani_cafeCreate SelectCommand with Modal window v0.3.0p0041
2016-02-08 himetani_cafe[Develop and Manual test] /api/v1/execution
2016-02-08 himetani_cafe[Develop and Test] toExecArray() v0.3.0p0040
2016-02-08 himetani_cafe[Develop and Test] getUUIDs() v0.3.0p0039
2016-02-04 himetani_cafe[Manual test] /api/v1/execution with formdata from... v0.3.0p0038
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[Manual test] /api/v1/execution eos.toExecString()
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[TEST] eos.toExecString() v0.3.0p0037
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[TMP] execute /api/v1/execution with eos.validate
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[TMP] /api/v1/execution test script
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[DEBUG] option to options v0.3.0p0036
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[DEBUG] if arguments is select, convert object to string v0.3.0p0035
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[TEST] eos execution parameter check done. v0.3.0p0034
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[DEBUG] Eos class and Testing with promise. v0.3.0p0033
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[TMP] JSON.stringify(execObj, null '\t'
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[Develop] Command directive submit() assemble ExecObj v0.3.0p0032
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[Develop and Manual Testing] Front-end select workspace... v0.3.0p0031
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[Develop and Manual test] /api/v1/all/workspace/directory v0.3.0p0030
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[Develop and Testing] db.getDirectories v0.3.0p0029
2016-02-03 himetani_cafe[TMP]REST APIのテストコード v0.3.0p0028
2016-01-27 himetani_cafe[Develop and Manual test] /workspace ページの開発 v0.3.0p0027
2016-01-27 himetani_cafe[TMP] /workspace page showing workspace files. v0.3.0p0026
2016-01-27 himetani_cafe[TMP] /workspace page showing workspace files.
2016-01-26 himetani_cafe[Develop and manual Test] API endpoint (get) /api/v1... v0.3.0p0025
2016-01-26 himetani_cafe[Develop and Test] db.getFiles v0.3.0p0024
2016-01-26 himetani_cafe[INSTALL] request module which is simplified HTTP client v0.3.0p0023
2016-01-26 himetani_cafe[TMP] Initialize db for debugging /api/v1/execution v0.3.0p0022
2016-01-26 himetani_cafe[BUG FIX] API endpoint (post) /api/v1/fileUpload v0.3.0p0021
2016-01-26 himetani_cafe[Develop and manual Test] API endpoint (post) /api... v0.3.0p0020
2016-01-25 himetani_cafe[DEBUG] modify the way to import and export Eos, DB... v0.3.0p0019
2016-01-25 himetani_cafe[DEBUG] dbOptionの設定 v0.3.0p0018
2016-01-25 himetani_cafe[DEBUG] zephyr serve, zephyr debug command v0.3.0p0017
2016-01-25 himetani_cafe[Develop] zephyr debug command for /api/v1/fileUpload v0.3.0p0016
2016-01-25 himetani_cafe[BUG FIX] check function reject by calling with no... v0.3.0p0015
2016-01-25 himetani_cafe[TMP] After installing formidable
2016-01-25 himetani_cafe[TMP] Before creating endpoint /api/v1/fileUpload with...
2016-01-25 himetani_cafe[Leave] removeDirectory()の関数定義だけ書いた。
2016-01-25 himetani_cafe[Develop and Test] db.createDirectory(directory) v0.3.0p0014
2016-01-24 himetani_cafeexistDirectory(),notExistDirectory()の仕様変更、Filesテーブルのスキーマの変更 v0.3.0p0013
2016-01-24 himetani_cafe[DEBUG] db.existDirectory() modify to search recursively. v0.3.0p0012
2016-01-23 himetani_cafemodify createFile() place
2016-01-23 himetani_cafe[Develop & Test] removeFile() v0.3.0p0011
2016-01-23 himetani_cafedevelop and test (not)existFile(), (not)existDirectory(), v0.3.0p0010
2016-01-23 himetani_cafecheckFile, checkDirectoryをexistFile,existDirectoryに書き直す...
2016-01-23 himetani_cafedevelop and test db.createFile() v0.3.0p0009
2016-01-23 himetani_cafe[Bugfix] checkFile() adding "fileType: 1" to inner... v0.3.0p0008
2016-01-23 himetani_cafedevelop checkFile() and tested it. v0.3.0p0007
2016-01-23 himetani_cafe[Test]: db.createFile v0.3.0p0006
2016-01-23 himetani_cafedebug relating with asynchronous code
2016-01-23 himetani_caferemove unnecessary file
2016-01-23 himetani_cafearranged testing frame
2016-01-22 himetani_cafeInstall sqlite3 and sequelize
2016-01-21 himetani_cafeupdated execute function
2016-01-21 himetani_cafearranged test code v0.3.0p0005
2016-01-21 himetani_cafeuse try-catch syntax for error check
2016-01-21 himetani_cafemodified test comment
2016-01-20 himetani_cafeCheck Eos command execution parameters. v0.3.0p0004
2016-01-19 himetani_cafeArranged Test environment.
2016-01-18 himetani_caferemove --harmony
2016-01-18 himetani_caferemove --harmony option v0.3.0p0002 v0.3.0p0003
2016-01-18 himetani_cafeTypescript, rearrangement project directory, develop... v0.3.0p0001
2015-11-28 himetani_cafecreate eos environment with docker
2015-08-10 himetani_cafecreate directory db
2015-08-09 himetani_cafeimplemented simple file uplaod through websocket
2015-08-09 himetani_cafeversion up browser-sync to handle websocket
2015-08-09 himetani_cafere
2015-08-09 himetani_cafeavailable to websocket through browsersync
2015-08-07 himetani_cafeBefore trying websocket
2015-08-05 himetani_cafeserver side upload api
2015-08-05 himetani_cafeprepare client side upload
2015-08-04 himetani_caferename to saveNoteModal
2015-08-03 himetani_cafemanageable directory hierarchy added to multi sizes
2015-08-02 himetani_cafemodified dirInfo api
2015-07-31 himetani_cafemodified dirInfo API