OSDN Git Service

2014-06-13 ievremoved some more GTK_STOCK_* items master
2014-06-13 ievfixed various gtk3 deprecation warnings
2014-06-13 iev~/.eb123 config directory moved to ~/.config/.eb123
2014-06-13 ievfixed GTK_STOCK_* deprecation errors
2013-09-27 ievcleaned up some gtk deprecation warnings
2013-09-27 ievreadlink /proc/self/exe in order to find glade ui
2013-09-25 ievsegfault on second search (gentoo box)
2013-09-25 ievupdate books menu in popup window after changes in...
2013-09-25 ievubuntu build issue fixed
2013-09-24 ievremoved warning when no dict found; initial preferences fix
2013-09-24 ievfix for Gtk-WARNING **: Don't know color 0
2011-12-29 ievfixed 2 errors; cleaned some warnings
2011-12-28 ievchanges in eb123.glade
2011-12-28 ievchanges in eb123.glade
2011-12-27 evgenyremoved calls to gtk_vbox_new in video.c, now builds...
2011-12-27 evgenyswitched to gtk3
2011-09-22 evgenyfixed segfault (while viewing umounted/removed book)
2011-09-16 evgenyoutput messages to stdout only with -O0
2011-09-16 evgenydo not automatically remove dictionary once it becomes...
2011-09-16 evgenyhide popup window if right button clicked in main window
2011-08-31 ievduplicate result in mainwnd removed
2011-08-31 ievremoved some cruft from mainwnd.c
2011-08-30 iev<No hits> if nothing found in mainwnd
2011-08-30 ievleft/right arrows expand/collapse rows in results tree...
2011-08-29 evgeny[--enable-gstreamer] works; a couple of small fixes
2011-08-29 evgeny[--enable-gstreamer] works; a couple of small fixes
2011-08-29 ievadd optional tree layout of the results list; [--enable...
2011-08-26 ieveverything should work with --disable-gstreamer [defaul...
2011-08-25 ievhotkeys, hex/text dump, dictionary title chars in searc...
2011-08-24 ievhistory + hotkeys(partly)
2011-08-23 evgenycustom application font
2011-08-23 evgenyhighlight in popup window
2011-08-23 ievup/down in dicts dialog, various ui fixes
2011-08-22 evgenymainwnd iconify cb
2011-08-22 evgenysome code cleanup
2011-08-22 ievrestored status icon, search menu, search copyright...
2011-08-20 evgenyfixes in popupwnd
2011-08-20 evgenypopupwnd functionality almost restored
2011-08-19 evgenyclear btn, about btn, dicts info ...
2011-08-19 evgenyremoved some unnecessary files
2011-08-19 evgenyinit