OSDN Git Service

2013-02-16 tkawata[dennco] updated the plugin feature implementation. master
2013-02-11 tkawata[dennco] The update for the implementation of plugin...
2013-01-29 tkawata[dennco] Changed the name format for plugin cell. The...
2013-01-22 tkawata[dennco] refactoring
2013-01-22 tkawata[dennco] Implemented the plugin feature.
2012-12-29 tkawata[dennco] alpha 2.0 - wrap up 2
2012-12-29 tkawata[dennco] alpha 2.0. wrap up
2012-12-28 tkawata[dennco] wrap up for Mac
2012-12-19 tkawata[dennco] changed the property setting for the console...
2012-11-24 tkawata[dennco] updated the version info.
2012-11-24 tkawata[dennco] re-work tick interval workflow. The re-work...
2012-11-23 tkawata[dennco] re-work the tick interval work flow. The work...
2012-11-20 tkawata[dennco] re-working the doTick process flow. The work...
2012-11-12 tkawata[dennco] changed the application icon (for windows)
2012-11-12 tkawata[dennco] added window icon for windows executable
2012-10-23 tkawata[dennco] implemented the running mode which work with...
2012-10-23 tkawata[dennco] refactored the directory structure. Now direct...
2012-10-19 tkawata[dennco] integrated engine related changes from denncoC...
2012-06-17 tkawatarefactored for next development phase (2)
2012-06-16 tkawatarefactored for next development phase.
2012-06-02 tkawataMerge branch 'master' of git.sourceforge.jp:/gitroot...
2012-06-02 tkawataFixed typos in readme documents.
2012-06-02 tkawataModifided the project file for mac build.
2012-06-01 tkawataAdded readme document for mac.
2012-06-01 tkawataAdded readme document for linux.
2012-06-01 tkawataUpdated the version info for alpha 1 release.
2012-06-01 tkawataUpdated the window initialization.
2012-05-31 tkawataImproved error checking.
2012-05-31 tkawataUpdated the window layout saving logic.
2012-05-31 tkawata- auto resize window size along with the loaded UI.
2012-05-29 tkawata- Modified for better error message for the failure...
2012-05-29 tkawataRefactored messaging facility
2012-05-26 tkawataDeleted a file mistakenly committed.
2012-05-26 tkawataAdded a sample implementation of Perceptron neural...
2012-05-15 tkawataSeveral improvements and bug fixes.
2012-05-14 tkawataAdded a demo.
2012-05-13 tkawataFixed a bug
2012-05-02 tkawataThe Arduino sketch for Sample3_Arduino1 was wrong.
2012-04-28 tkawataFixed Mac build.
2012-04-28 tkawataRefactored the project files and the file structure.
2012-04-27 tkawataAdded post link process to bring a built dll file into...
2012-04-27 tkawataAlpha 1 development in progress
2012-04-26 tkawataAlpha 1 development in progress.
2012-04-24 tkawataalpha 1 development in progress.
2012-04-20 tkawataalpha 1 development in progress.
2012-04-15 tkawataalpha 1 development in progress.
2012-04-09 tkawataFixed minor bugs
2012-04-03 tkawataalpha1 development in progress.
2012-04-02 tkawataalpha 1 development in progress.
2012-03-28 tkawataalpha1 development in progress
2012-03-24 tkawataalpha1 development
2012-03-18 tkawataFix for linux build
2012-03-17 tkawataAlpha1 development in progress.
2012-03-15 tkawataAlpha1 development in progress (Qt).
2012-03-10 tkawataalpha1 development in progress. (Qt)
2012-03-09 tkawataFixed several critical bugs.
2012-03-04 tkawataalpha1 development (Qt).
2012-03-03 tkawataalpha1 development (Qt) continues...
2012-03-02 tkawataalpha1 dev (Qt) continues..
2012-02-28 tkawataMigrating to Qt platform (3)
2012-02-26 tkawataFixed Mac compile error.
2012-02-26 tkawataMigrating to Qt platform (2)
2012-02-25 tkawataMigrating to Qt platform (1).
2012-02-20 tkawataAdded alert message function.
2012-02-19 tkawatadelete files used for the function test (step3)
2012-02-19 tkawatadelete files used for the function test. (step2)
2012-02-19 tkawatadelete files used for the function test. (step1)
2012-02-19 tkawataAdded UI file providing functionality to DNEngine.
2012-02-15 tkawatadeleted unused files.
2012-02-15 tkawataComplete DNServer implementation. hasn't tested.
2012-01-29 tkawataChecked-in DNServer implementation. Still working on.
2012-01-22 tkawatafixed a cell code name naming issue.
2012-01-22 tkawataContainer builder and some refactoring. still working on.
2012-01-10 tkawatafixed xhtml parser related bugs.
2012-01-09 tkawataInitial check-in for xhtml parser.
2012-01-08 tkawatadeleted unused file.
2012-01-08 tkawataInitial implementation of ContainerBuilder. XML parser...
2012-01-07 tkawatarefactoring
2012-01-04 tkawatadeleted unused files.
2012-01-04 tkawataAdded a sample cell code setting to the sample application.
2012-01-02 tkawataFixed resource file loading path in the test app.
2012-01-02 tkawatainitial commit
2011-12-26 tkawataInitial Commit