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descriptionCinnamon audio library
last changeSat, 4 Jan 2020 23:33:29 +0000 (15:33 -0800)
2020-01-04 AlaskanEmilyAdd dummy implementation of OSS SoundGetVolume/SoundSet... master
2020-01-04 AlaskanEmilyFix formatting of OpenAL backend's implementation of...
2020-01-04 AlaskanEmilyAdd per-sound volume on Cin_Sound
2020-01-04 AlaskanEmilyUpdate copyright years
2020-01-04 AlaskanEmilyAdd Cin_DriverSupports* API implementation for DirectSound
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyCompleted OSS backend
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyFix compiling on glibc Linux
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyFix some warnings with Cygwin
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyEven more file permissions?
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyFix one more file's permissions
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyFix file permissions
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyFix line endings
2019-09-22 AlaskanEmilyAdd new sample conversion code, in C this time so that...
2019-09-22 AlaskanEmilyFix aucat on not-Windows
2019-09-10 AlaskanEmilyAdd API call to play a sound with looping, and support...
2019-09-10 AlaskanEmilyFix OpenAL when linking using CC instead of CXX
3 weeks ago master