OSDN Git Service

2020-01-04 AlaskanEmilyAdd dummy implementation of OSS SoundGetVolume/SoundSet... master
2020-01-04 AlaskanEmilyFix formatting of OpenAL backend's implementation of...
2020-01-04 AlaskanEmilyAdd per-sound volume on Cin_Sound
2020-01-04 AlaskanEmilyUpdate copyright years
2020-01-04 AlaskanEmilyAdd Cin_DriverSupports* API implementation for DirectSound
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyCompleted OSS backend
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyFix compiling on glibc Linux
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyFix some warnings with Cygwin
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyEven more file permissions?
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyFix one more file's permissions
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyFix file permissions
2019-11-15 AlaskanEmilyFix line endings
2019-09-22 AlaskanEmilyAdd new sample conversion code, in C this time so that...
2019-09-22 AlaskanEmilyFix aucat on not-Windows
2019-09-10 AlaskanEmilyAdd API call to play a sound with looping, and support...
2019-09-10 AlaskanEmilyFix OpenAL when linking using CC instead of CXX
2019-07-07 AlaskanEmilyUpdate the export directives to work with the new makefile
2019-07-07 AlaskanEmilyFix off-by-one error in DirectSound backend
2019-05-27 AlaskanEmilyAdd note about mixer code license
2019-05-27 AlaskanEmilyMake OpenAL makefile portable rather than gmake
2019-05-27 AlaskanEmilyAdd OSS backend again, with a new mixer and a mostly...
2019-05-27 AlaskanEmilyFix exports with MSVC
2019-05-27 AlaskanEmilyMove portable makefile from GNUmakefile to makefile
2019-05-27 AlaskanEmilyMinor refactor, fix missing OpenAL makefiles
2019-01-22 AlaskanEmilyFinish refactor
2019-01-22 AlaskanEmilyMajor refactor of source location. Remove unused DSP...
2018-09-09 AlaskanEmilyAdd readme
2018-09-09 AlaskanEmilyMinor change in interface release for starting a Direct...
2018-09-09 AlaskanEmilyFix stuttering in sounds > 2 seconds on DirectSound
2018-09-09 AlaskanEmilyFix DirectSound dependencies
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyAdd the start of the OSS backend
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyActually start the driver when it is created from C
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyFix some warnings in GCC
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyConvert DirectSound backend to use the new mixer system
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyAdd missing mk file
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyFix more GCC problems
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyAdd CinDSP
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyRemove weirdness in GCC makefile
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyFix building with cygwin
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyFix OpenAL build
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyAdd platform independant mixer components for multithre...
2018-05-27 AlaskanEmilyMove DirectSound and OpenAL files into their own direct...
2018-03-10 AlaskanEmilyFix BSD build
2018-02-20 AlaskanEmilyAdded license file
2018-02-20 AlaskanEmilyFix typo
2018-02-19 AlaskanEmilyAdd gmake makegile
2018-02-19 AlaskanEmilyRefactor makefiles
2018-02-19 AlaskanEmilyDirectSound streaming/oversized buffers working
2018-02-18 AlaskanEmilyWorking OpenAL and DirectSound