OSDN Git Service

2014-05-09 tsntsumideleted the ineffective keyword inline. master
2013-07-14 tsntsumiRenamed case_setUp/case_tearDown to setUpBeforeClass...
2013-07-13 tsntsumiChanged the mail address.
2013-07-13 tsntsumiStarted the tracking of configure.
2013-07-13 tsntsumiAdded changes of doc/Makefile.am to ChangeLog.
2013-07-13 tsntsumiAdded r option to cp, Since search directory was made...
2013-07-13 tsntsumiAdded changes of Makefile.am to ChangeLog.
2013-07-13 tsntsumiAdded ChangeLog.2 to EXTRA_DIST.
2013-07-13 tsntsumiStarted to track ChangeLog.
2013-07-13 tsntsumiRenamed ChangeLog to ChangeLog.2.
2013-07-13 tsntsumiAdded AM_PROG_AR
2013-07-13 tsntsumiAdded configure and bootstrap to EXTRA_DIST.
2013-07-13 tsntsumiUntracked auto generated files.
2013-07-12 tsntsumiupgraded version
2013-07-12 tsntsumiAdded auto generated files.
2013-07-12 tsntsumiMade end-case and end-suite comments omissible.
2013-07-12 tsntsumiFixed a typo
2013-07-11 tsntsumifixed typo
2013-07-11 tsntsumifixed function name
2013-07-06 tsntsumiChanged encoding EUC-JP to UTF-8.
2013-07-06 tsntsumiAdded '2013' in copyrights
2013-07-06 tsntsumiAdded '2013' in copyrights
2013-07-06 tsntsumiDeleted the unused source file for Fixture.
2013-07-06 tsntsumiModified the example the test fails.
2013-07-06 tsntsumiAdd assert macros for double and float.
2013-07-06 tsntsumiChanged the type of snprintf's format string.
2013-07-06 tsntsumiFixed miss spelling.
2013-07-06 tsntsumiChanged char pointer to char array.
2013-07-03 tsntsumiConverted cvsignore to gitignore.
2013-07-03 tsntsumiSince it depended in order of the run of TestCase,...
2013-07-03 tsntsumiMade them correspond to doxygen
2013-07-03 tsntsumiCorrected the error of grammar.
2013-07-03 tsntsumiChanged the administrator's mail address.
2013-07-03 tsntsumiChanged the administrator's user id
2013-07-03 tsntsumiRenamed .cvsignore to .gitignore.
2013-07-03 tsntsumiRenamed setup_setUp/setup_tearDown to setUpBeforeClass...
2010-08-29 tsntsumiwhen the width of the window was made small so that...
2010-08-29 tsntsumiadded the Japanese setup of LaTeX.
2010-08-27 tsntsumimodified the Japanese pronunciation of 'suite'.
2010-08-27 tsntsumiremove auto generated file
2010-08-27 tsntsumi#add changes
2010-08-27 tsntsumiupgrade version
2010-08-27 tsntsumiinserted the relative path from configure.
2010-08-27 tsntsumiadd clean file.
2010-08-27 tsntsumi#add ignore files
2010-08-27 tsntsumiadd own stylesheet
2010-08-27 tsntsumiinserted the relative path from configure.
2010-08-27 tsntsumiprevented config.h from going into the distribution...
2010-08-27 tsntsumiadjusted the position of the list.
2010-08-27 tsntsumiadd own stylesheet
2010-08-27 tsntsumiinserted the relative path from configure.
2010-08-27 tsntsumiadd own stylesheet
2010-08-27 tsntsumiinsert new module.
2010-08-27 tsntsumichanged variously
2010-08-27 tsntsumi#add news
2010-08-27 tsntsumideleted the unnecessary file.
2010-08-24 tsntsumiadapted it to libtool 2.2.8
2010-08-24 tsntsumi#add changes
2010-08-24 tsntsumiI changed it from the char to the int to fit the argume...
2010-08-24 tsntsumilibtoolize was restored. It is because I installed...
2010-08-23 tsntsumiadd changes
2010-08-23 tsntsumino longer needed.
2010-08-23 tsntsumiupdate version.
2010-08-23 tsntsumiadd news
2010-08-23 tsntsumilibtoolize not exist now
2010-08-23 tsntsumiadd libtool
2010-08-23 tsntsumiadd changes.
2010-08-23 tsntsumiadded the @brief comment in English explanation.
2010-08-23 tsntsumiadded the English explanation to helper_tool sections.
2010-08-22 tsntsumiadded the English explanation to some sections.
2010-08-22 tsntsumiremove value of IMAGE_PATH tag, because it is not exists.
2010-08-22 tsntsumiadded the English explanation to the section test_runner.
2010-08-22 tsntsumiadjusted the link.
2010-08-22 tsntsumiThe title of the group was made the capital case.
2010-08-22 tsntsumiChanged the QUIET tag to YES.
2010-08-22 tsntsumiI added the English explanation to the section simple_t...
2010-08-22 tsntsumiChanged the title of Assertions group.
2010-08-22 tsntsumiI replaced the turn of the macro definitions so that...
2010-08-21 tsntsumiadd URL attribute to the nodes in graph StructureCollab...
2010-08-21 tsntsumiremoved
2010-08-21 tsntsumiErased the traces of Fixture.
2010-08-21 tsntsumiBNF in the comment was made simple.
2010-08-21 tsntsumiChanged to run by the test runner.
2010-08-21 tsntsumiMoved the code of the suite_test_complex function into...
2010-08-21 tsntsumiDeleted the runTestRunner program which became unnecessary.
2010-08-21 tsntsumigrouping the test functions into cluster.
2010-08-21 tsntsumiadd new
2010-08-21 tsntsumiMaybe @dotfile command has some bugs. So I made the...
2010-08-21 tsntsumiadd japanese section into sample_programs group title.
2010-08-21 tsntsumiadded missing endif
2010-08-21 tsntsumiadd dot file to dist source files.
2010-08-21 tsntsumiThe figure which I described in the document directly...
2010-08-21 tsntsumiadd new
2010-08-21 tsntsumiI arranged the explanation of the sample program which...
2010-08-21 tsntsumiremove the post_build_check section.
2010-08-21 tsntsumirevised the helper_tool section.
2010-08-21 tsntsumirevised the suite section.
2010-08-21 tsntsumiRemoved the process list with was not an explanation.
2010-08-21 tsntsumiRevised the figure of relations between test case and...
2010-08-21 tsntsumimove test runner section in the front.