OSDN Git Service

2015-03-27 ornse01change version number master 0.3.0
2015-03-27 ornse01fix wording.
2015-03-27 ornse01add .gitattributes and .gitignore
2015-03-27 ornse01change fusen value.
2015-03-27 ornse01add bchanf by submodule.
2015-03-27 ornse01to INACT menu item for bbsmenu reload.
2015-03-27 ornse01disable bbsmenu fetch.
2015-03-15 ornse01implement port number output to bchan file.
2015-03-14 ornse01implement port number handling for retrieving subject...
2015-03-14 ornse01fix external bbs reading in test execute.
2015-03-14 ornse01update bchanf version from bchanl
2015-03-12 ornse01add port number field to subject entity.
2015-03-12 ornse01add port number handling to bbsmnparser_item_t.
2014-07-05 ornse01update version number.
2014-07-05 ornse01fix detail debug log.
2014-07-05 ornse01detail fix Makefile.
2014-07-05 ornse01fix error handling in fetching subject list.
2014-07-05 ornse01update bchanf library revisioin.
2014-07-03 ornse01fix install script to newly install in komono application.
2014-07-03 ornse01update refer version to avoid crash.
2012-07-16 ornse01fix install script mistake.
2012-07-16 ornse01change version number.
2012-07-08 ornse01change User-Agent header version number.
2012-07-08 ornse01fix User-Agent header handling.
2012-07-08 ornse01fix layout timing.
2012-07-08 ornse01implement menu item enabling/disabling for subject...
2012-07-08 ornse01fix last slash completion potision mistake.
2012-07-08 ornse01change converting string buffer for TNULL-terminated...
2012-07-08 ornse01fix rule.
2012-07-08 ornse01detail fix coding style.
2012-07-08 ornse01implement url vobj handling for external bbs register...
2012-07-08 ornse01implement tray reader for external bbs url obj.
2012-07-05 ornse01implement external bbs window scrolling.
2012-06-24 ornse01replace tray implementation.
2012-06-24 ornse01modify mouse pointer and system message panel update...
2012-06-23 ornse01replace http request implement for subjectretriever.
2012-06-23 ornse01fix previous cache data.
2012-06-23 ornse01replace http request implement for bbsmenuretriever.
2012-06-17 ornse01implement subject list display attribute changing.
2012-06-17 ornse01implement display attribute setter and getter interface.
2012-06-17 ornse01add menu items for subject list display contents.
2012-06-17 ornse01add background pattern specification.
2012-06-17 ornse01regenerate for script fix.
2012-06-17 ornse01implement displaying since and vigor.
2012-06-17 ornse01modify indent.
2012-06-16 ornse01add external bbs file reading and writing.
2012-06-16 ornse01implement extarnal bbs saving to file and loading from...
2012-06-13 ornse01add text for parts description and modify parts position.
2012-06-13 ornse01modify parts position.
2012-05-06 ornse01implement text box edit menu handling.
2012-05-06 ornse01regenerate for script update.
2012-05-06 ornse01implement tray utility functions.
2012-05-06 ornse01fix delete menu item enable condition.
2012-05-05 ornse01add edit menu handling.
2012-05-05 ornse01add new menu item for edit.
2012-05-05 ornse01regenerate for script updating.
2012-05-05 ornse01add URL check for extarnal bbs register
2012-05-05 ornse01unite testcases for util.c
2012-05-05 ornse01add new panels for notifying URL error.
2012-05-05 ornse01add files for utility functions.
2012-05-02 ornse01fix build option handling.
2012-05-02 ornse01add save confirmation in extbbslist magager.
2012-05-02 ornse01add function for checking changed.
2012-05-02 ornse01add panels source by automatically generated.
2012-05-02 ornse01add check whether changed or not.
2012-04-30 ornse01uniting external bbs manager HMI to extbbslist_t.
2012-04-30 ornse01add tests and fix bugs
2012-04-30 ornse01implement menu handling logic.
2012-04-30 ornse01change and add menu item for external bbs.
2012-04-29 ornse01fix handling viewrect for external bbs manager window.
2012-04-29 ornse01fix drawing separator.
2012-04-29 ornse01temporary unite external bbs manager.
2012-04-29 ornse01add window for managing external bbs.
2012-04-29 ornse01implement external bbs managing functions.
2012-04-17 ornse01add external bbs display.
2012-04-17 ornse01add bbsmenuparser_item_t allocater for external bbs.
2012-04-17 ornse01add test and fix bug.
2012-04-16 ornse01fix target file mistake.
2012-04-15 ornse01unite registering external bbs hmi to list.
2012-04-15 ornse01add menuitem for registering external bbs.
2012-04-15 ornse01modify register external window setting.
2012-04-15 ornse01add window for register external bbs.
2012-04-15 ornse01unite extbbslist_t test.
2012-04-15 ornse01implement extanal bbs list.
2012-04-14 ornse01modify execution paramater handling and add storage...
2012-04-14 ornse01add install script.
2012-04-14 ornse01replace window framework to using bchanf tool.
2012-04-11 ornse01fix memory leak.
2012-04-11 ornse01fix condition for call "free".
2012-04-11 ornse01remove unnessary function call.
2012-04-11 ornse01replace unittest framework to bchanf library.
2012-04-09 ornse01replace some sources to bchanf library.
2012-04-09 ornse01fix svn property mistake.
2012-04-09 ornse01add directory for bchanf external library.
2011-09-11 ornse01fix crush bug in subject option changing when subject...
2011-09-11 ornse01remove unused printf.
2011-09-11 ornse01fix text box action in text is empty.
2011-09-11 ornse01fix buf.
2011-09-11 ornse01modify scroll area when filter word change.
2011-09-11 ornse01change condition whether filter word is empty or not