OSDN Git Service

2015-03-27 ornse01add .gitignore and .gitattributes master 0.4.0
2015-03-27 ornse01change vesion number.
2015-03-27 ornse01change fusen's name and type.
2015-03-27 ornse01add bchanf by submodule.
2015-03-18 ornse01replace form urlencode implemantation to bchanf common...
2015-03-16 ornse01fix variable mistake.
2015-03-16 ornse01fix empty value cookie condition.
2015-03-15 ornse01fix cookie
2015-03-15 ornse01implement port number handling.
2015-03-10 ornse01fix svn:externals value.
2014-12-30 ornse01add build directory
2012-10-06 ornse01change to using bchanf library.
2012-07-29 ornse01add commands for building and linking bchanf library.
2012-07-29 ornse01add directory for external bchanf library.
2012-07-18 ornse01change version number.
2012-07-18 ornse01rollback previous commit.
2012-07-16 ornse01change version number.
2012-07-08 ornse01fix User-Agent header version number.
2012-07-08 ornse01fix initialization and free condition.
2012-04-07 ornse01modify line-height.
2011-10-01 ornse01add base64encode_clear().
2011-09-13 ornse01unite base64 encoder tests.
2011-09-13 ornse01implement base64 encoder.
2011-07-20 ornse01fix version number.
2011-07-15 ornse01fix NG word window's layout.
2011-06-18 ornse01add indicator for NG word window display.
2011-06-18 ornse01fix copyright year.
2011-06-18 ornse01fix buffer size for transfer encoding.
2011-06-18 ornse01add "USE_MT = 1".
2011-05-15 ornse01fix postresdata_t owner and lifetime.
2011-05-15 ornse01enable to resdata update.
2011-05-08 ornse01fix make request body function implementation.
2011-05-08 ornse01add function for write UW value string to allocated...
2011-05-08 ornse01fix for error case finalize.
2011-05-08 ornse01remove obsolute functions.
2011-05-08 ornse01fix charset converting timing.
2011-05-07 ornse01fix svn:eol-style
2011-05-07 ornse01implement install script.
2011-05-07 ornse01add commonstorage file handling in M_EXECREQ.
2011-05-07 ornse01fix copyright year.
2011-05-07 ornse01fix post value.
2011-05-07 ornse01implement NAME and MAIL value cookie for compatible...
2011-05-07 ornse01implement generating name and From encoded value function.
2011-05-05 ornse01unite cookiedb in res post.
2011-05-05 ornse01fix counting cookie rootine.
2011-05-05 ornse01unite cookiedb to bchan main.
2011-05-05 ornse01implement using cookiedb_t for send res submit.
2011-05-05 ornse01detail fix debug output macro.
2011-05-05 ornse01fix define.
2011-05-05 ornse01add tests
2011-05-05 ornse01implement clear cookie in file.
2011-05-04 ornse01implement file read write.
2011-05-04 ornse01fix compairing domain to requested host.
2011-05-01 ornse01unite psvlexer test cases.
2011-05-01 ornse01implement lexer for 2ch bbs common data format.
2011-05-01 ornse01unite cookiedb testcase.
2011-05-01 ornse01fix expires bug.
2011-05-01 ornse01add expires test.
2011-04-30 ornse01add cookie's different host test.
2011-04-30 ornse01fix request path condition.
2011-04-30 ornse01fix test case
2011-04-30 ornse01implement cookie domain and host check.
2011-04-30 ornse01add cookie order tests.
2011-04-29 ornse01implement cookie's key check in Set-Cookie reading.
2011-04-27 ornse01fix implementation
2011-04-12 ornse01fix domain attribute's periods number condition.
2011-04-11 ornse01add test case but not pass.
2011-04-11 ornse01remove unused debug output.
2011-04-10 ornse01implement cookiedb test. but not sufficient.
2011-04-10 ornse01- add path information for generation cookie.
2011-04-10 ornse01implement send condition check. but not tested.
2011-04-10 ornse01fix bugs
2011-04-06 ornse01fix interface and add temporary implementation or empty...
2011-04-06 ornse01add temporary implement persistent cookie data base...
2011-04-06 ornse01implement cookiedb_writeheadercontext_t.
2011-04-05 ornse01change Expires and Max-Age value setting function.
2011-04-05 ornse01convert cookie's expire date to STIME in parsing "Set...
2011-04-03 ornse01implement storing volatile cookie. but not testing.
2011-04-03 ornse01add cookiedib.c to Makefile.text.
2011-04-03 ornse01add copyright declration and interface definition.
2011-04-02 ornse01unite test for http date and http cookie parser.
2011-04-02 ornse01add parser for Set-Cookie header.
2011-04-02 ornse01add tokenchecker_endinput.
2011-03-27 ornse01add tokenchecker_finalize().
2011-03-27 ornse01implement parser for rfc733 format date text.
2011-03-21 ornse01unite http message-header lexer test.
2011-03-21 ornse01implement http message-header lexer.
2011-02-13 ornse01fix copyright year mistake.
2011-02-13 ornse01add NG by word condition in generate traydata.
2011-02-13 ornse01disable press number action when NG by word.
2011-02-13 ornse01unite NG by word display.
2011-02-13 ornse01implement grayout inactive number drawing.
2011-02-13 ornse01add NG draw for word NG.
2011-02-13 ornse01implement word NG flag.
2011-02-13 ornse01fix butdn handling when switch and reswitch event.
2011-02-13 ornse01fix append from textboxy.
2011-02-12 ornse01change textbox interface.
2011-01-30 ornse01unite search testing.
2011-01-30 ornse01add test case.
2011-01-25 ornse01fix datwindow's gid handling in hmi.c