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2019-01-10 Chih-Wei HuangAndroid: inital porting of libefivar oreo-x86 android-x86-8.1-r1 android-x86-8.1-r2 android-x86-8.1-r3
2019-01-10 Chih-Wei HuangDefine strdupa if it is not defined
2019-01-07 Peter Joneslinux-pci-root: remove an unused assignment
2019-01-07 Peter Jonesdp.h: make format_guid() handle misaligned guid pointer...
2019-01-07 Peter Jonesutil.h: add unlikely() and likely() macros
2018-12-05 Peter JonesBump version to 37
2018-12-05 Peter JonesWorkaround libabigail weirness.
2018-12-05 Peter JonesUpdate abixml for newer libabigail
2018-10-01 Peter Jonessas: handle port expanders at all.
2018-10-01 Peter Jonespci-root: actually create the device path node.
2018-10-01 Peter JonesSupport decoding ACPI Generic Container and Embedded...
2018-10-01 Peter Jonesdp-acpi: fix HID vs HID_EX formatting bug.
2018-09-19 Peter JonesFix partition number detection when it's not provided.
2018-09-17 Peter JonesHandle partition name parsing and formatting for partit...
2018-09-17 Peter JonesDeal with devices that don't have a ->device link in...
2018-09-17 Peter JonesFix dev->probes intialization test
2018-09-10 Peter JonesFix another buggy fake acpi pci root driver
2018-08-03 Peter Joneslinux-emmc: update for internal API breakage.
2018-08-03 Peter JonesUpdate abidw for newer tools.
2018-08-03 Peter Jonesabignore: work around an abidw bug
2018-08-03 Alek Duemmc_parser: add emmc_parser
2018-08-03 Bernhard M... makeguids: initialize memory
2018-07-16 Peter JonesDon't require NVME to have an EUI
2018-06-21 Peter JonesCoverity still doesn't believe in error codes...
2018-06-21 Peter Jonesefiboot: parse_scsi_link(): fix the offset searching...
2018-06-21 Peter Jonesefiboot: fix a bad error check
2018-06-21 Peter Jonesefiboot: don't error on unknown type with DEV_ABBREV_ONLY
2018-06-21 Peter Jonesefiboot: Make the device node skipping code pass coverity.
2018-06-21 Peter JonesMake the debug() code less intrusive
2018-06-21 Peter JonesTry even harder to convince coverity that get_file...
2018-06-21 Peter JonesPacify clang analyzer just a little.
2018-06-20 Peter JonesIf we can't parse part of the device link, skip it...
2018-06-20 Peter JonesMake a linux device root for SOC devices that use FDT.
2018-06-20 Peter JonesMake a way to say "-e 3" isn't viable for a kind of...
2018-06-20 Peter JonesMake a platform ACPI root parser separate from PCI...
2018-06-20 Peter JonesMove ACPI ID parsing to a shared location.
2018-06-20 Peter JonesGive linux-*'s ->parse() functions the unmodified devic...
2018-06-20 Peter JonesImprove ACPI device path formatting
2018-06-20 Peter JonesFix a makeguids building problem with generics.h.
2018-06-20 Peter JonesMake path-helpers.c also import fix_coverity.h
2018-06-14 Peter JonesMake efidp_make_file() have even more, better input...
2018-06-14 Peter JonesTry to convince covscan that sysfs_read_file() doesn...
2018-06-12 Peter JonesPromote _make_hd_dn() to make_hd_dn() and get rid of...
2018-06-12 Peter Jonesefivar: Fix some types in -L behavior to pacify coverity.
2018-06-12 Peter JonesPacify some coverity nits.
2018-06-12 Peter JonesMove verbosity headers to be public
2018-06-12 Peter JonesMove the syntastic file I use out of the repo
2018-06-08 Peter JonesBump version to 36
2018-06-08 Peter JonesMake ccc-analyzer get clang cflags
2018-06-08 Peter JonesFix some errors scan-build found.
2018-06-08 Peter Jonesnvdimm: Use the namespace guid, not just the device...
2018-06-08 Peter JonesFix an edge case in finding the sysfs driver link
2018-06-08 Peter JonesUse the pci node's driver link to detect ATA in some...
2018-06-08 Peter Jonesefivarfs: fix some minor immutability bugs
2018-06-08 Peter JonesExpand tabs on the rest of linux.c
2018-06-08 Peter JonesAlways build the .so.1 local symlink
2018-06-08 Peter Jonesaudit efi_error() for wrong newlines.
2018-06-08 Peter JonesUpdate our abixml files for new ABI bits and minor...
2018-06-08 Peter JonesAdd a make target to rebuild our abidw .abixml files
2018-06-08 Peter JonesRebuild efivar-35's abixml files with newer abidw.
2018-06-08 Peter Joneslibefiboot: make everything use "struct device" and...
2018-06-08 Peter Joneslinux.h: Make some decls HIDDEN as they should be
2018-06-08 Peter JonesFix decl for get_sector_size()
2018-06-08 Peter JonesConstify efidp_make_acpi_hid_ex() args and make its...
2018-06-08 Peter JonesMove the PMEM device parser to linux-pmem.c
2018-06-08 Peter JonesAdd a PCI parser that's independent of the other stuff.
2018-06-08 Peter JonesMove SAS parsing to linux-sas.c
2018-06-08 Peter JonesMove SATA parsing to linux-sata.c
2018-06-08 Peter JonesMove nvme parsing to linux-nvme.c
2018-06-08 Peter JonesMove virtblk device parsing to linux-virtblk.c
2018-06-08 Peter JonesMove i2o device parsing to linux-i2o.c
2018-06-08 Peter JonesMove traditional SCSI parsing to linux-scsi.c
2018-06-08 Peter JonesMove ATA parsing to linux-ata.c
2018-06-08 Peter JonesAdd a (not great) macro to print parser debugging arrows.
2018-06-08 Peter JonesAdd "struct device" in preperation for removing "struct...
2018-06-08 Peter Jonesefi_loadopt_create(): add some debugging
2018-06-08 Peter Jonesucs2.h: there's no reason ucs2_to_utf8 shouldn't malloc...
2018-06-08 Peter Jonesrename the pci_root_info fields to match the struct...
2018-06-08 Peter JonesMove get_sector_size() to the linux specific code
2018-06-08 Peter Joneslinux.h: add some more sysfs helpers, and improve their...
2018-06-08 Peter JonesMore fixups for CONSTRUCTOR/DESTRUCTOR/HIDDEN/PUBLIC...
2018-06-08 Peter JonesAdd some helpers for file path mangling
2018-06-08 Peter Jonesutil.h: Add error reporting in read_file()
2018-06-08 Peter JonesTemporary hack in get_partition_number
2018-05-21 Peter JonesMake LIBEFIVAR_OPS=help work
2018-05-21 Peter JonesAdd some more debug facilities.
2018-05-21 Peter JonesAdd hexdumper
2018-05-21 Peter JonesMake all of our Make.* files have vim:ft=make
2018-05-21 Peter Jonesfix some dumb stuff in 'make install' targets
2018-05-21 Peter Jonesgpt.h: minor cleanups (mostly formatting/whitespace)
2018-05-21 Peter Jonesget_partition_info(): fix the return code error path.
2018-05-21 Peter Jonesclang: ?e64_to_cpu() and cpu_to_?e64(): cast to uint64_t.
2018-05-21 Peter JonesMore aggressively use macros for compiler attributes
2018-05-21 Peter JonesSimplify our include files
2018-05-21 Peter Jonesutil.h: whitespace cleanup
2018-05-21 Peter Jonesgpt: get rid of ad-hoc warning reporting; use efi_error()
2018-05-21 Peter Jonesgpt: don't use the __ versions of cpu_to_le??()/le...
2018-05-21 Peter Jonesefivar: fix efi_well_known_guids and efi_well_known_gui...
2018-05-17 Peter JonesFix our pkg-config-ldflags invocation.
2018-05-17 Peter JonesWe don't use list.h at all; axe it.