OSDN Git Service

2010-08-17 Owen Kwonremoved liblights eclair-x86
2010-08-17 Owen Kwonmodified earjack volume setting, enabled BT
2010-08-17 Owen Kwonmodified drm.ko filename, modified utility path
2010-08-09 Ohkeun Kwonremoved psb building part
2010-07-13 Owen Kwonadded counter for fw loading to avoid lock up
2010-07-10 Owen Kwonadded library debug script
2010-07-09 Owen Kwonadded mplayer flag
2010-07-07 Owen Kwonadded mmx/sse defines
2010-07-07 Owen Kwonmodified CFLAGS
2010-07-05 Owen Kwonadded compiler optimization flags
2010-07-03 Owen Kwonadded GFX driver debug case to init script
2010-07-01 Owen Kwondisabled pm
2010-06-29 Owen Kwonmodified backlight sysfs permission
2010-06-29 Owen Kwonget the liblights from android-x86
2010-06-29 Owen Kwondisabled sleep of the device
2010-06-29 Owen Kwondefconfig : added viliv s5 keycode
2010-06-28 Owen Kwonmoved to 2.6.32 kernel
2010-06-28 Owen Kwonmodified asound.conf : now audio works
2010-06-28 Owen Kwonadded asound.conf : still no sound without alsa volume...
2010-06-28 Owen Kwondefconfig : enabled audio debug message
2010-06-28 Owen Kwonadded hciattach service for BT,
2010-06-27 Ohkeun Kwonreenabled alsa
2010-06-27 Ohkeun Kwondisabled alsa as a temprorary measure
2010-06-27 Ohkeun Kwonmodified typo in BoardConfig.mk
2010-06-26 Ohkeun Kwonmodified typo in s5.mk
2010-06-26 Ohkeun Kwonmoved psb-android driver to other git repository
2010-06-25 Owen Kwonmodified wlan setting
2010-06-25 Owen Kwonenabled psb and wifi
2010-06-25 Owen Kwoninitial import froyo-x86 gingerbread-x86 android-x86-2.2 android-x86-2.2-r2