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add seed1 gui xrc & revise other view xrc
[amulettoolsmh4/main.git] / view / constnumbers.py
2013-12-15 kei9add seed1 gui xrc & revise other view xrc
2013-12-14 kei9change skill2 table to wx.Grid and implement auto colum...
2013-12-09 kei9Merge branch 'release-0.1.3-prepare' into develop
2013-12-09 kei9edit version & repair GUI mistake
2013-12-08 kei9Merge branch 'feature-rename-ids&variables' into develop
2013-12-08 kei9rename database_ids & some variables in order to unders...
2013-12-07 kei9revise view for version 0.1.2
2013-12-07 kei9Merge branch 'release-0.1.1-prepare' into develop
2013-12-07 kei9add license file and modify readme, version
2013-12-07 kei9implement in case skill2=0
2013-12-07 kei9for release, adding readme
2013-12-06 kei9implemet almost gui events
2013-12-05 kei9implemented gui
2013-12-05 kei9creating gui